Baby Pastel Striped Nails

For this one I went for baby blue and baby pink pastel colours to put together my design. All colours used are from Barry M’s Silk Effects.

_IMG_8560 copy

I started off by painting all nails except the ring and thumb finger nails in 2 coats of a pastel blue shade.


On the remaining nails, I taped off a small section near the base of the nail. On the thumbs I filled this in with pink, and on the ring fingers I filled it in with the blue before removing the tape. I left the next section of these nails blank so that my natural nail showed through.

_IMG_8570 copy

I then taped off another area 3/4 down each of the nails and filled this in with a white nail polish. I then filled in the tips of each of these nails with the opposite colour to what I used at the base of the nail. So for the thumbs I used blue on the tips, and on the ring fingers I used pink.


To complete the design, I added a few strips of gold striping tape on each of the thumb and ring finger nails. On the thumbs I used it along the edges of the white section of the nail. On the ring fingers I used it on the edge of the blue and then through the middle of the pink.


Chrome Colour Block Nails

This week’s design is a simple colour block mani, using colours that have chrome/metallic/duochrome finishes to them.

_IMG_8617 copy

I started by painting the thumb and ring fingers in a shimmery gold base in which to put my colour blocking over the top of. The colour I used was ‘Christmas Gold’ by Barry M. I made sure that this was dried fully.

_IMG_8623 copy

On top of these, I then used 5 pieces of striping tape to tap off 6 triangular sections. To do this place one strip of tape across the middle of the nail. Then on both halves use 2 more pieces of tape in each going diagonally outwards from where the first piece of tape started.

_IMG_8628 copy

To fill in the blocks of colour, I used 3 different shades. All by Barry M, I used a purple duochrome called ‘Persian’, a blue called ‘Pacific’, and a pink called ‘Mediterranean’. I used a small nail art brush in order to apply these neatly onto the sections I had taped off. Then before it had time to dry fully, I carefully removed the tape from each nail.

_IMG_8636 copy

To finish off the remaining nails, I used each of the 3 colours on one nail on each hand; the blue on the index finger, the pink on the middle finger and the purple on the little finger. To complete the design, I used a small rhinestone on each nail. On the colour blocked nails, I placed this at the point where the tips of the triangles meet.

Valentine’s Heart Drag Marble Nails

I’ve seen a lot of examples of heart drag marble nails floating around on the internet and decided that I wanted to give it a try for Valentine’s Day this year. However, I don’t think it came out as good as it could have. I think I had pressed down a bit too hard while dragging through the dots. You have to work quickly with this kind of design as it works best while everything is still wet.

_IMG_8648 copy

I started by painting the thumb and ring finger nails in one coat of a light brown shimmery shade.

_IMG_8650 copy

On the rest of the fingers, I used 2 coats of a deep dark red shade. Onto these red nails, I also added one light pink heart shaped rhinestone onto each.

_IMG_8660 copy

On the thumb and ring fingers, doing one nail at a time, I painted another layer of the light brown. While it was still wet, I used the red and the largest dotting tool that I have to add 3 dots going down the length of the nail.

_IMG_8665 copy

Before anything had chance to dry, I took a very thin brush and dragged a straight line from just above the dot at the top, straight down through the middle of each dot and stopped at the tip of the nail. If done correctly, you should see that it has made heart type shapes. I actually used a thin nail art brush to touch up my design a little, as the hearts were a bit ‘flat’ on the sides in places.

Sophisticated Deep Red Tip Nails

I really think I made a good choice when I decided to pair this deep dark red shade with the gold flakie glitter. I think it gives it a sophisticated look, like something you would wear with an evening gown.

_IMG_7345 copy

I started by painting all my nails in 2 coats of a nude shade to improve the look of my plain nails.

_IMG_7348 copy

Then I took a dark red shade and painted 2 coats going on a diagonal line across the bottom halves of each nail. I made sure that the tips of my natural nails could not be seen through the nude base colour.

_IMG_7351 copy

I then took a chunky flakie glitter that was mainly gold with a little bit of rose gold flakes in it.


I placed this over the line where the red meets the nude shade to cover it and make it look more tidy. I found it was easier to use the corner of a make up sponge in order to apply it.

Christmas Water Marble Nails

This is my first time trying this method of creating nail art, and it is a lot easier to get it to look good than the last water based nail design that I tried a few weeks back. I definatley want to try and experiment a bit more with such designs.

_IMG_5937 copy

I wanted these nails to be Christmas themed and so I went for the colours red, green and gold. First I painted all nails in one coat of the green colour to act as a base. I went for one of the lighter shades that I was using so that it didn’t show through on the next coat.

_IMG_5939 copy

With a little help from my husband, we taped up the skin around my nails to help with the clean up. I then started dripping one drop of each colour into the middle of a cup of water.


When I was happy with the amount of rings of colour, I used a toothpick to make some lines going through the nail varnish to make a bit of a pattern. I then looked for the area I liked the best and dipped my nail down into the water.

_IMG_5947 copy

I blew on the surface a bit to dry the top, and then skimmed the excess away from the surface. Next I removed my nail from the water and removed the tape from around the nail. I repeated this on all nails before cleaning up any leftover mess on my fingers and around the nails.

_IMG_5949 copy

I found that this was quite a messy design to try and it does use up more nail varnish than if you were to paint it on normally. However it’s quite a fun design and the outcomes are infinite. I also found that newer and more watery nail varnishes spreaded out on the surface of the water more efficiently than older and drier nail varnishes.

Wedding Nails

So last Saturday I got married and these are the nails I did for the big day. My colour scheme was lilac, silver and white and so I made my nails to match.

_IMG_5912 copy

Firstly I painted all nails except the ring fingers in a shimmery lilac colour. For the ring fingers I went for a darker shimmery purple shade.

_IMG_5915 copy

Then going diagonally across the bottoms of each nail I painted one coat of a white colour.


Over the top of this I used Barry M’s Royal Textured Glitter nail paint in ‘Lady’ as it is so pretty.

_IMG_5924 copy

Next I added a diagonal line of rhinestones across each nail to cover the line where both colours met. I then added my topcoat.


Finally to bring back the texture, I reapplied another coat of Lady, making sure not to paint over the rhinestones.

Royal Tip Nails

This week I decided to try out another of Barry M’s matte nail paints. This time one called ‘Vanilla’. I also tried out one of their other new nail effects called ‘Royal Glitter Texture Effects’. The shade I used for this design is called ‘Lady’.

_IMG_0039 copy

Although Lady is primarily a white fine glitter and texture shade, it also has pastel orange and green flecks of glitter in it that you can catch a glimpse of when you move your nails about. However, I’ve always had trouble photographing such nail varnishes, and so it looks a lot more beautiful in real life than it does in the photos in this post. You can see a close up of the bottle below to help show what the shade consists of a bit better. Also the level of texture is also perfect in my opinion as it is more of a fine grain texture, which I prefer.


Although the matte shade is called vanilla it is more of a greyish lilac shade. It is quite a pretty nude shade, but then lilacs and purples are my favourite colours. I feel that this design would make a nice bridal nail design for someone who was having a white and lilac wedding dress, or bridesmaids wearing lilac for example.

_IMG_0041 copy

I firstly painted all of my nails with the matte shade. I layered this up as 1 coat of the matte, then my top coat, and then 2 more layers of the matte in order to try and help get a weeks wear out of it. I then gave it plenty of time to dry. In the picture below you can see where the camera managed to pick up some of the orange and green shades in the glitter.

_IMG_0045 copy

I next used some striping tape, and placed it diagonally across the tips of each nail. I made sure there was enough overhanging at the sides so that I could pull it off later. Your nails have to be really dry when you do this so as not to pull off all your hard work with the tape later.

_IMG_0046 copy

Lastly, I painted the tips with ‘Lady’, making sure not to got over the striping tape. I did this one by one, and removing the striping tape as I went so that the nail paint did not have time to dry. This left a nice straight line that looks more professional than doing it freehand. However it is a lot more fiddly and time consuming to do it this way. I am really pleased with how it turned out, and it lasted well considering I couldn’t put a top coat over the top.

Ruby Jewel Nails

Normally I would schedule up blogs in advance in bulk during times when I have a bit of extra time to spare. This is so that there is still an even spread of blogs during busier times. I also like to post 2 blogs a week on a Wednesday and a Saturday when I can. However my stash is starting to run low now and I haven’t found much time to start replenishing them. This is why today’s blog is a little later, as normally I schedule them to post early morning. However I’ve finished everything I needed to get done for the day so I figured why not squeeze this one in still.

This one uses the recent Jewel Glitter Nail Paint by Barry M in Ruby. However I really wish I had done the base colours the opposite way around. I don’t know why I thought black glitter would show up on top of a black base lol.

This is a clear polish with large pinkish flecks of glitter and then different sized black glitter. I prefer glitter polishes that are made up of different sizes and shapes. I also think the colour combination is quite pretty. I remember when I used this polish I was in a bit of a rush and so didn’t really think about what I was going to do much. Therefore for my ‘look’ I ended up using a black base colour on all nails except the ring finger, which has a dark pink shade to match the glitter.

As you can see, where the base is black, you loose the effect from the black glitter completely, whereas on the pink you can appreciate the design of the polish more. However I think that maybe it would look even better on a base colours that are further away from the glitter colours, but not different colours. By this I mean maybe a light shade of pink or something like a grey. It would probably look nice over a white as well. What colours would you try it over?

First Experiments With Nail Art

Today I thought I would share some photos of the very first pieces of nail art that I ever did. They are from back when I very first started to get interested in painting my nails and experimenting with them. Before this I used to just leave them plain and let them grow as long as I could. People used to always ask if they were real. I guess I figured why not use them as a canvas for art to show off at the same time.

This tiger stripe effect was actually made using a black liquid eyeliner as I had no black or nail art brushes back then lol. This was my very first attempt at nail art.

This ladybird design was after I started to build upon my nail art supplies. As you can see by the amount of nail varnish on the sides of my fingers that I was not very experienced at painting my nails at this stage.

Unfortunately some of the quality of the photographs are not the best. These pictures were taken form before I had a blog and so having almost perfect pictures was not a requirement at the time, which is a shame, but you can still see the design.

This panda design was done after I found a tutorial online somewhere. Pandas are so cute so I just had to try it. I love spending time looking online for pictures of other people’s nail art for ideas and inspiration.

Iv’e always been a bit of a gamer, especially back in my teens so I just had to do some Pac-Man nails. Iv’e just realised how the fingers with the ghosts on remind me of border nails a bit lol. Anyways I hope you enjoyed this post.

Caviar/Microbead Nails

So I know it’s a little late but I finally got around to trying the whole caviar/microbeads nails as you can see in the photo below.

The microbeads I got from ebay. It was roughly just under £4 for 12 little pots. The colours that you get were random from an overseas seller. This means you have to wait a while for them to arrive, but the wait was worth it. I love how these nails came out and as well as the look of the design, I also love the different texture you are left with.

For my first attempt, I decided to try out a lilac colour. I only applied them to my ring fingers this time. This is because from experience, I know that my thumbs and first two fingers are the most likest to chip, especially on the right hand. Usually I can have my nails in the same design for a week and my little finger and ring fingers wouldn’t have chipped at all usually. As I felt that the beads would come off more easily than normal nail varnish, I made the decision to only use them on my ring fingers.

Underneath the beads I used the lilac foil paint by Barry M. On the other nails I painted them with the silver foil  and then added a bit of detail with the lilac foil. It was on the second coat on the ring finger when I added the beads. I just poured them on while the nail was wet. I then pressed the beads down a little and tried to fill in any gaps to make the beads tightly packed together.

This was a little messy. The beads are so small and like to fly all over the place lol. Anyways I let it dry for a while and then added my top coat. On the ring fingers I added a very generous helping of topcoat by blobbing it all over the beads. I blew on this while it was wet to try and push it into the gaps in the beads. After that was dry I repeated the process the same. I feel that it was doing this which helped to keep the design as durable as it was.

The beads stayed in place for around 3 days before the ring finger chipped. However because the top coat had stuck everything together solidly, the whole nail chipped off in one solid ‘shell’. Therefore I just gently picked it up and effectively ‘glued’ it back on with some top coat lol. This was on the right hand, and on the day after the exact same thing happened to the left hand. Since sticking them both back on they still look as good as the day I applied them, and it has been a week since I did my nails now. They proved to be more durable than I expected, but I am not sure if they would last this good on the fingers I know that are prone to chipping.

I will definatley use mcrobeads on my nails in the future and I am eager to try out the different colours I got. However next time I would change my base coat as normally my base coat is a nail strengthener. I want to see if using my top coat as a base would be better for keeping the beads on the nails longer. This is because since sticking the chipped off nails back on with my top coat they have become a whole lot more durable. It was also only by change that I realised when the nails chipped off and I was able to ‘save’ them.