Pink and Vanilla Nails

For this design I wanted something a bit busy that had something different going on for each nail.


On the index and little finger, I painted 2 coats of a bright pink base. On the remaining nails I painted 2 coats of a nude shade.


On the little finger, I sponged on a glittery pink to the tips make a gradient. On the middle finger, I sponged on the bright pink shade to the tips to also create a gradient.


On the ring finger, I painted a stripe of the glittery pink in a line down the centre of the nail. I then outlined this stripe with thin pink striping tape. On the thumb, I places a single stripe of the same striping tape going down the length of the nail.


On the thumb, I then placed 5 rhinestones in the middle of the nail on top of the stripe. I put a larger one in the middle, a medium sized one on either size, and then a smaller one on either size of this. On the index fingers, I placed a large rhinestone in the top middle of each nail and then a smaller one directly underneath that.


24 Carat Gold Tip Nails

I really like how this design came out. It’s very minimal yet looks very sophisticated. I think it would look great for wedding nails, and should be pretty work friendly too.

__IMG_7155 copy

I started by painting all nails in 2 coats of a sheer nude shade. I let this have plenty of time to dry fully.

_IMG_7144 copy

Next I used striping tape to tape off a straight line near the tips of each nail. I worked on one nail in full at a time.

_IMG_7148 copy

I then painted in the tips with a metallic shimmery fine glitter gold shade. I immediately went over this for a second coat.

_IMG_7150 copy

Before the gold had time to dry, I carefully removed the striping tape. I let it have a few minuted to dry before adding my top coat to reduce the risk of dragging any of the gold into the nude section.

Over Sized Rhinestones Nails

I was short on time this week so wanted a design I could complete quickly.


First, I painted my thumb and ring fingers in one coat of a gold magnetic nail paint. I then went over it with a second coat and used a magnet with a diagonal line pattern to make the effect.

_IMG_7380 copy

On all other nails I painted 2 coats of a cream shade.


After this was dry, I placed a large rhinestone in the center of the base of each nail.

_IMG_7387 copy

Then I placed a rhinestone a little bit smaller to this underneath it.

Sophisticated Deep Red Tip Nails

I really think I made a good choice when I decided to pair this deep dark red shade with the gold flakie glitter. I think it gives it a sophisticated look, like something you would wear with an evening gown.

_IMG_7345 copy

I started by painting all my nails in 2 coats of a nude shade to improve the look of my plain nails.

_IMG_7348 copy

Then I took a dark red shade and painted 2 coats going on a diagonal line across the bottom halves of each nail. I made sure that the tips of my natural nails could not be seen through the nude base colour.

_IMG_7351 copy

I then took a chunky flakie glitter that was mainly gold with a little bit of rose gold flakes in it.


I placed this over the line where the red meets the nude shade to cover it and make it look more tidy. I found it was easier to use the corner of a make up sponge in order to apply it.

Eye Shadow Colour Combo – Neutral with Hot Pink

For this combination I did a simple neutral look with a shimmery creamy off white in the inner half, which was blended into a dark brown in the outer half.

_IMG_0496 copy

Then along the top and the crease section of where I placed the brown, I blended in a hot pink colour.


I used a brown eye liner on the top lash line. Along the bottom I used a little of the off white shade.

Eye Shadow Colour Combo – Neutral with Pink and Purple

I wanted to keep the intensity of the colours used in this combination more on the subtle side.


On the inner corners I used a shimmer off white creamy shade, and on the outer I used a pink shade which I blended out.


In the middle I blended in a gold shade and on the crease area I blended a little bit of a purple shade over the top of everything.


I used a purple eye liner on the upper lash line and on the lower I used a little gold eye shadow.

Eye Shadow Colour Combo – Nude Smokey

This is a smokey nude combination using neutral shades.

IMG_0487 copy

I used a shimmery pale neutral colour on the inner half of each eye.

IMG_0490 copy

I blended this with a brown on the outer halves.

IMG_0494 copy

For the eye liner I used a dark brown. On the upper lash line I added a little glitter.

Pretty Pink Bow Nails

For this design, I firstly started by painting all nails except the ring finger in 2 coats of a pastel shimmery pink shade. On the ring fingers I painted 2 coats of a nude shade.


On the pink nails I used a very small dotting tool and a dark pink shade and used this 2 make 2 small triangles on each nail. Afterwards I took a medium sized dotting tool and a lighter shade of pink to place a dot in between the 2 triangles. This formed a bow shape on each nail.

_IMG_5522 copy

I found the shades of pink that I used for these bows were too similar and so it just kind of merged together. I think it would have looked a lot better if I had used a gold colour to place the dot for the centre of the bows.

_IMG_5529 copy

On the ring fingers I added some rhinestones to make a large bow shape over the whole nail. I started by placing a light pink rhinestone in the very centre of the nail.

_IMG_5528 copy

Next I took a darker colour pink rhinestone and placed 2 on either side of the one I had just placed. Next to each of these rows I added a row of 3 rhinestones in the same colour. This created a bow shape. If your nail is wide enough, then continue to add rows of rhinestones to either side, increasing the amount by 1 each time.

Tones of Purple Nails

I always find I need to concentrate more to paint my nails neat when they are very short and I really cant figure out why lol.

_IMG_6586 copy

Anyways, I started this design by painting my ring and middle finger with 1 coat of a purple magnetic effect. On the second coat I used the magnet to create the magnetic effect.

_IMG_6590 copy

On all other nails I painted 2 coats of a nude shade called ‘Vanilla’ by Barry M. This is a very pretty nude shade from their matte collection, but it still looks great when you use a glossy top coat over it. I would describe it as a nude light greyish purple colour.

_IMG_6594 copy

Then on the ring fingers I painted 2 coats of the nude shade, but only on one half of the nail vertically.

_IMG_6596 copy

I finished the design off by placing one purple rhinestone in the top middle of each nail except for the ring fingers. On these I placed a line of purple rhinestones to cover the join in the 2 colours used instead.

Rainbow Ombre Stripe Nails

All week I was thinking in my mind that I would practice my water marbling skills again this week, and then at the last moment this idea popped into my mind. I figured I might as well take advantage of the fact that I have managed to keep my nails long without breaking them too badly recently, and this design is easier to achieve on long nails. I’m really pleased with how it turned out and how bold the colours I chose look together.

_IMG_6543 copy

First, I painted all nails in 2 coats of my base colour. I went for a neutral nude shade. This will form the first bar of colour on all nails.

_IMG_6545 copy

Next I took 5 different colours in light/pastel shades. I used a different colour on each nail. I painted starting from 2/3 of the way up the nail down to the tip. If any colours needed a second coat then I did this.

_IMG_6546 copy

Afterwards I took 5 corresponding darker shades to the colours I had just used. I painted the bottom 1/3 of each nail in the darker colour.

_IMG_6550 copy

Once everything had dried, I used some gold striping tape. I placed 2 stripes of this across each nail in order to cover up the lines where the different colours meet. Originally I was thinking to go over the darker shade with a flakie top coat to add some glitz. However I felt it would ruin the vibrancy of the colours next to each other and so decided against this in the end.