Fire Stripes Nails

For this week’s design I tested out the fan brush I got recently in a set of small brushes.

_IMG_7722 copy

I started by painting all my nails in 2 coats of a peach colour.

_IMG_7728 copy

Next I took a yellow acrylic paint and used the fan brush to make little strokes across all nails.

_IMG_7731 copy

Next I used a orange paint and repeated the same.

_IMG_7737 copy

I completed the design by repeating on top of this with a red paint. The way the different lines of colour overlapped and mixed together reminded me of flames.


Coral and Violet Nails

For this design I wanted something quite simple that used only 2 main colours. I often find the most simple designs can sometimes look the best.

_IMG_7979 copy

I started by painting my thumb and ring finger nails in 2 coats of a coral shade.

_IMG_7985 copy

On the remaining nails I used a dark purple shade with fine gold glitter in it.

_IMG_7989 copy

On the ring fingers I placed a row of lilac rhinestones along the base of the nail.

_IMG_7995 copy

On the thumb nails I used a makeup sponge to sponge on the purple shade to make a gradient on the one half on the nail.

Bold Stripes Nails

For this design it took me ages to decide what colours I wanted to use lol.

_IMG_7970 copy

I started by painting the ring and thumb finger nails in 2 coats of white.

_IMG_7958 copy

On the little finger I painted 2 coats of a coral shade, on the middle finger I used a dark purple and on the index finger I used a green/teal shade.

_IMG_7960 copy

On all nails that were not white, I added a single silver rhinestone to each nail. I then used a top coat on all nails and allowed everything to dry fully.


On the nails that I painted white, I used striping tape to mark out space for 3 stripes on each nail. I then used the colours from the other nails to paint a stripe of each colour before removing the striping tape. I then finished those nails off with another coat of top coat.

Studs and Stripes Nails

For this design I started by taking a shimmery white shade and painting 2 coats of this on my thumb, ring and little finger nails.

_IMG_7202 copy

On the middle finger I painted 2 coats of a dark purple and on the index finger I painted 2 coats of a bright coral shade.

_IMG_7205 copy

On all fingers except the ring and thumb finger nails, I placed a diamond shaped gold coloured stud near the base half of the nail in the centre.

_IMG_7207 copy

On the thumb and ring finger nails I placed 4 vertical strips of striping tape on each nail. I took the purple shade and filled in 2 of the taped off sections on each thumb and one on each ring finger.

_IMG_7211 copy

Then, using the coral shade, I filled in 2 taped off sections on the ring fingers and 1 on each thumb. I immediately removed the striping tape and then added my top coat after giving it a bit of time to dry.

Eye Shadow Colour Combo – Gold and Dark Orange

I used colours from my 88 natural palette for this colour combination.

_IMG_7564 copy

On the inner half I used a shimmery gold shade, and on the outer half a shimmery dark orange. I prefer shimmery shades over matte.

_IMG_7566 copy

I used a black eye liner on the upper lash line and a gold on the lower.

Black and Orange Freehand – Lost nail art pictures

For this one I painted all nails in a bright red orange/coral colour. Then using a nail art brush, I attempted to freehand 2 black stripes onto each nail as I was short for time.


The aim was for the tip to be a larger black area with a thinner black stripe just above it.

Trhinestone Nails

Lol the title for this one is a bit cheesy I know. But there’s triangular shapes involved and groups of 3 so I couldn’t help myself.

_IMG_5543 copy

I started by painting all nails in 2 coats of a coral colour.

_IMG_5549 copy

Then I made the coral into a triangle shape with the point going towards the tips by painting 2 silver triangles at the sides of each nail.

_IMG_5553 copy

Next I added 3 rhinestones to each nail. I added them on top of the coral colour.

_IMG_5556 copy

I used 3 differing sized rhinestones, with the largest near the base and the smallest towards the middle of the nail.

_IMG_5558 copy

The pretty thing about these rhinestones is that they have a subtle multi tonal/multi coloured finish to them.

Melting Coral Nails

This design turned out quite good I feel, and it was quite easy to do.


First I painted all nails in 2 coats of my lighter colour. In this case it was a pastel peach/orange.


Then I painted half of each nail with my darker colour. In this case I used a coral/dark orange colour.


Then once that was dry, I used a large sized dotting tool to place some of the lighter coloured dots on top of the darker colour. I made sure they were placed along the line where the two colours meet though and that the dots were touching into the same colour on the opposite half of the nail. This made it look like the lighter colour was running into or dripping down into the darker colour.

_IMG_6784 copy

I then repeated the same but for the opposite colours. I made sure the dots were placed along the line where the 2 colours meet, but that they were in between the gaps of the dots on the opposite side. This resulted in everything looking like it was melting into each other.