Pastel Blossom Nails

For this design I wanted to try painting some thin branches with little leaves and blossoms on there.

I started by painting the thumb and ring fingers in 2 coats of a cream/nude shade to be the background for my main design.

On the little fingers I painted a sea green colour and on the remaining fingers I used a lilac.

On the ring and thumb fingers I then took a very thin brush and a light brown nail polish. I used this to paint a thin branch on each of the chosen nails.

I finished off the design by then using a small dotting tool to place some dots in the same sea green colour along the branch to make leaves. I tried to vary the pressure in order to make the sizes of the dots different. I then repeated the same in the lilac shade to look like blooms along the branch.


Baby Pastel Striped Nails

For this one I went for baby blue and baby pink pastel colours to put together my design. All colours used are from Barry M’s Silk Effects.

_IMG_8560 copy

I started off by painting all nails except the ring and thumb finger nails in 2 coats of a pastel blue shade.


On the remaining nails, I taped off a small section near the base of the nail. On the thumbs I filled this in with pink, and on the ring fingers I filled it in with the blue before removing the tape. I left the next section of these nails blank so that my natural nail showed through.

_IMG_8570 copy

I then taped off another area 3/4 down each of the nails and filled this in with a white nail polish. I then filled in the tips of each of these nails with the opposite colour to what I used at the base of the nail. So for the thumbs I used blue on the tips, and on the ring fingers I used pink.


To complete the design, I added a few strips of gold striping tape on each of the thumb and ring finger nails. On the thumbs I used it along the edges of the white section of the nail. On the ring fingers I used it on the edge of the blue and then through the middle of the pink.

Flakie Jewel Nails

For this design I started off with 2 coats of a dark green to purple duochrome shade. I wanted the base colour to have a little depth and colour to it even though I planned to use a flakie top coat over the top. I put this onto all nails.

_IMG_7182 copy

Next I added my flakie top coat over all nails as well. I ended up using 3 coats of this in the end to get the required density. I let this dry and then added my top coat to all nails.

_IMG_7187 copy

Afterwards I used 2 coats of a lilac shade. I painted a line down the middle of the nail from the base to the tip of both the thumb and ring finger nails.

_IMG_7190 copy

I then used a darker purple striping tape and used this to cover either side of the edges of the lilac sections I had just painted.

_IMG_7195 copy

I finished the design off by placing a large rhinestone in the center, and 2 smaller rhinestones on either side of this onto the nails where I had added the lilac stripe.

Pink and Green Bar Nails

I quite like how the colours used in this design went together.

_IMG_5530 copy

I started by painting the bottom half of all my nails in 2 coats of a glittery pink shade.

_IMG_5534 copy

Next I painted the remaining half near the tip of all my nails in a pastel green/mint shade.

_IMG_5535 copy

Once this had had plenty of time to dry, I taped off a section in the middle of each nail with striping tape, which overlapped the line where the 2 base colours met.

_IMG_5538 copy

I then filled in this section with a dark green shade and removed the tape before it had chance to dry.

Dried Petal Nails

I was given a nail art gift a while back that came with a few polishes and some little pots of dried flowers. I thought that as spring is here, it would be the perfect time to try it out.

_IMG_6491 copy

Firstly, I painted my nails in 2 coats of my base colours. For the thumb and ring finger I went with a light pink. For the rest of the nails I went with a light purple.

_IMG_6494 copy

Next I decided how I would place the dried flowers and laid them out. I painted my nail with clear polish and then using tweezers I placed the flower on the nail. Anything that was sticking over the nail I trimmed down with nail scissors. I then covered this with my top coat to seal it in.

_IMG_6498 copy

It was at this point that I realised that the more 3D the flower was, the harder it was to get it to stick down. I wanted to be able to cover the flower fully with my top coat and have it flat against the nail to increase its durability. When trying to do this the more intricate flowers became a bit messy, because it was so hard to get them to stick down flat.


Due to this, I changed my plans a bit. Originally I was going to place 2 different flowers on each nail and have them overlap. But I changed this to just one in order to prevent everything becoming too much of a mess. The small pink flowers that I used were the easiest to stick down as they were made up of just one layer of petals.

Mini Egg Easter Nails

These were the nails I did for this year’s Easter nails. They might look simple but I found them a bit more difficult to achieve than I had expected. Firstly, I painted all of my nails in 2 coats of their base colours. I went for 5 different pastel shades so that there was a different colour for each nail. The colours I used also had a shimmer effect to them which made the end result look even prettier.

_IMG_6427 copy

For the speckled effect I used the closest colour I had to a dark brown. I painted the end of a small straw with the colour so that it made a film over the hole at the end of the straw. I then positioned it over the nail and blew air quickly down the straw to splatter it across the nail. However this is much easier said than done.

_IMG_6425 copy

I looked online for how to make splatter effects on nails. What I had read said to simply dip the end of the straw in a blob of nail varnish that you had put on a piece of paper. But I found that nothing happened when I blew down the straw by following this method.

_IMG_6430 copy

I also found that sometimes you get a nice spray of speckles and other times you get big blobs land instead which was not really what I wanted. Positioning your straw and the amount of air and speed of air down the straw also takes practise, as sometimes it ends up going everywhere except on the nail lol.

_IMG_6435 copy

This can be messy so make sure you put an old towel or something where you are working. Afterwards clean up the areas around your nail from splatter. I then added my normal top coat for durability before using a matte top coat over the top to finish off the effect.

Melting Coral Nails

This design turned out quite good I feel, and it was quite easy to do.


First I painted all nails in 2 coats of my lighter colour. In this case it was a pastel peach/orange.


Then I painted half of each nail with my darker colour. In this case I used a coral/dark orange colour.


Then once that was dry, I used a large sized dotting tool to place some of the lighter coloured dots on top of the darker colour. I made sure they were placed along the line where the two colours meet though and that the dots were touching into the same colour on the opposite half of the nail. This made it look like the lighter colour was running into or dripping down into the darker colour.

_IMG_6784 copy

I then repeated the same but for the opposite colours. I made sure the dots were placed along the line where the 2 colours meet, but that they were in between the gaps of the dots on the opposite side. This resulted in everything looking like it was melting into each other.

Firery Wrapped Tip Nails

I kinda consider this design as a bit of a fail lol. It was far too rushed and looked so much better when I pictured it in my mind. I should have given myself more time to do the lines so that they weren’t so messy lol. I tend to get a bit annoyed with myself when I don’t do things perfectly. Despite this I still wanted to share it.


I firstly painted all my nails in 3 coats of the pastel peach/orange shade as it was the lighter shade. After I used a thinner brush to fill in where I wanted the darker orange/coral shade to go. However due to the thinness of the brush I used the finish wasn’t very smooth. Therefore I added a second coat using the original brush in order to even it out.


Once this was dry I used a nail art pen in black to add lines where the 2 colours met. I also made it look like the tip of the nail was wrapped over itself by bringing the black line all the way down on the one side. I then did the same half way down the lighter colour with a silver nail art pen.


I think that if I were to try this again I would either put a lot more effort into my lines or scrap using the pens and use striping tape instead. I feel that when there is a lot of detail and/or a mix of curved lines with straighter lines for example, then the pens are perfect for this as it is not as noticeable if the straighter lines do not come out 110% perfect. However when you only have a small amount of straight line detail to add to a design, it really is key that those lines come out perfect. This is because there is nothing else to distract from the fact that you freehanded the lines.

Indian Gradient Nails

I went to India for the first time back in April to visit my finace for a few weeks and meet his parents. I wanted some simple but not boring nails for my trip so decided on these gradient nails.


The base colour was the Watermelon gelly paint from Barry M. I then sponged on the tips Barry M’s peach melba nail paint.


I built this gradient up over a few layers until I was happy with how it looked before adding a topcoat. I think the final result looks a bit grungy.


Interestingly I found my nail varnish lasted very well in the Indian heat. At home I find near the end of a week the varnish starts to look brittle and cracks on the tips a bit before it starts chipping off. However in the heat it kept it softer as if it was kinda kept melted to the nails lol so I got a whole 2 weeks of wear out of it before any chips.

Spring Flower Nails

I came up with this design to match a dress that I wore for a birthday party recently. I’m glad its starting to get darker much later now so that I can use natural daylight to take my pictures when I get home from work. Makes them come out a lot better.


I painted all my nails in 2 coats of the mint green colour first. All colours used for this design are by Barry M.


Then using a larger dotting tool I made a flower design on each nail using the darker pink colour.


Afterwards I used a smaller sized dotting tool to add a lighter pink flower shape over the top of the darker flowers.

_IMG_5798 copy

Then I used a nail art brush to add some flicks in a dark green for leaves and added a little gem to the middle of each flower for some extra effect.


I then finished the whole thing off with my topcoat. I’m quite pleased with how this one came out and think the colours look great together.