Blue Tips Nails

For these nails I was going for an almost negative space design by using a pearly shimmery gold topper polish over the negative areas.

I started by painting all nails in 2 coats of the shimmery gold topper polish so that the nail could be seen through it.

Then I took a dark blue polish and painted 2 coats of this on the tip half of each nail.

To cover the line where the blue polish ends I used a stripe of gold glittery striping tape across the middle of each nail.

I find the tape sticks down better if you use some nail adhesive with it. I then covered everything with a layer of a standard top coat because I find it holds things down better before finishing with a layer of quick dry top coat.


Pink Floral Accent Nails

I feel it’s been ages since I did dotticure flowers. This one is a simple accent nail design.

I started by painting all nails except the ring finger nails in a 2 coats of a bright hot pink colour. On the remaining nail I used 2 coats of a light pink with silver flecks in it.

Over the top of the bright pink nails I used 1 coat of a shimmery gold pearl effect polish to give the pink some extra depth.

On the light pink ring finger nails, I used a thin brush and a green polish to paint a single leaf onto them.

Then using a large dotting tool, I placed 5 dots in the bright pink in a flower shape. For the centre of the flowers I used a glittery gold polish.

Purple Lustre Nails

This design is very purple. It is my favourite colour after all.

I started by painting my thumb and ring fingers in 2 coats of a lilac shade. On the rest of the nails I used 2 coats of a dark purple.

Over the top of the lighter nails I used one coat of a gold shimmery polish from Born Pretty from their ‘Transparent Shell Glimmer Nail Polish’ range. I am really in love with theese polishes at the moment. They are so pretty and seem to be really hard wearing. On the darker nails I used one coat of the same type of Polish but in purple.

To the lighter coloured nails I then added a row of 5 purple rhinestones to the one side at the base of the nail.

I finished the design by adding a row of 4 gold nail beads underneath the rhinestones and then top coating all nails.