Fan Dry Brush Nails

This design is another quick and simple one to pull off.

I started by painting all nails in 2 coats of a deep red shade.

I then used a fan brush and a rose gold polish by Models Own called chrome rose to paint a feathery kind of pattern coming from the top corner of each nail in a diagonal direction.

The problem with this polish is that you have to mix it really well before you use it. I used this to my advantage by not mixing it very well. This meant that there was a slight colour variation in the brush strokes which added more depth to the design.

I finished the design off by placing a single black rhinestone in the top corner of each nail where the brush strokes originated from.



Simple Christmas Stripes Nails

This is a super simple design that you could do for Christmas time due to the colours, or you could change the colours around for any time of the year.

I started by painting all nails in 2 coats of a bright red shade, except for the thumbs and ring fingers.

On the thumbs and ring fingers, I used a striping brush to paint a diagonal line in the same red shade starting in one corner at the base of the nail and ending about a 1/3 of the way down the nail on the opposite side.

I filled in the area closest to the tip of the nail in 2 coats of the red shade, leaving a small negative space area near the base of the nail.

On the same thumb and ring finger nails I first took a gold striping tape. I placed a diagonal stripe of this so that the line was coming from the opposite corner to the the line I had painted in red with the striping brush. I then placed a green stripe of striping tape just underneath the gold stripe, leaving a little space in between.

Red Holo Triangle Nails

For this design I wanted to have triangle tips in a holo polish on each nail. However I feel the holo effect just did not show up as much as I wanted it to and that it just turned out more like silver glitter instead.

I started off by painting all nails in 2 coats of bright shimmery red shade. It’s a nice Christmasy red.

Once this was dry I took a striping brush and the holo polish that I was using to paint in the triangle shapes from the tip ends of the nails.

I felt I needed 3 coats of the holo to cover it over the red base evenly, so using the same striping brush I added 2 more coats. I wonder if I used too many coats to make the holo effect work well.

I then finished off the design by adding a single black petrol coloured rhinestone to the middle of each nail at the point of the triangle.

Red Magnet Nails

For this design I wanted to use one of the magnetic nail paints that I have lying around that I never seem to use much.

I started by painting the middle and ring finger nails in 2 coats of a magnetic red nail paint. On the second coat I used a magnet with horizontal lines to make the magnetic pattern.

I wanted different nails to have a different look. So on the thumb nails I used 2 coats of a red glitter in a red base.

On the remaining fingers I used 2 coats of an off white shade that had flecks of silver glitter in it.

On the index fingers I then added a row of red rhinestones and silver nail beads along the base of the nail.

Chameleon Red Stamped Nails

These nails were more of an experiment than anything. I have some colour changing nail paints (from Barry M’s Chameleon range) that I barley ever use. This is simply because I like to always use topcoat over everything to make my nails last a lot longer. However the shades themselves are some quite decent metallic colours. Therefore for these nails I decided to use one of these as the base.

I started by painting all nails in 2 coats of one of these polishes, and then adding a layer of topcoat once it had dried. This changed the shade from a metallic blue to a metallic red. The only problem was that in some places around the edges there was still some small areas of blue left.

Over the top of this base I wanted to do a simple stamped design using a new stamping plate; ‘Born Pretty BP – L052’ which one of my brothers got me for Xmas.  I picked one of the designs from this plate and then used liquid tape around each nail.

Once that was dry, I used a white stamping polish and a clear stamper to stamp and place my design over each nail. I then carefully removed the liquid tape from around each nail and cleaned up any mess around the edges.

To finish off the design I applied another layer of top coat over everything. To my surprise, whatever was in my base colour that makes it change colour, managed to come through the previous layer of top coat and reacted with the white stamped polish and second layer of top coat as I applied it. This resulted in the white stamping polish also changing to red. The result is what you can see in the pictures. Although it doesn’t look too great it was still quite fun to see things changing colours.

Fire Stripes Nails

For this week’s design I tested out the fan brush I got recently in a set of small brushes.

_IMG_7722 copy

I started by painting all my nails in 2 coats of a peach colour.

_IMG_7728 copy

Next I took a yellow acrylic paint and used the fan brush to make little strokes across all nails.

_IMG_7731 copy

Next I used a orange paint and repeated the same.

_IMG_7737 copy

I completed the design by repeating on top of this with a red paint. The way the different lines of colour overlapped and mixed together reminded me of flames.

Sophisticated Deep Red Tip Nails

I really think I made a good choice when I decided to pair this deep dark red shade with the gold flakie glitter. I think it gives it a sophisticated look, like something you would wear with an evening gown.

_IMG_7345 copy

I started by painting all my nails in 2 coats of a nude shade to improve the look of my plain nails.

_IMG_7348 copy

Then I took a dark red shade and painted 2 coats going on a diagonal line across the bottom halves of each nail. I made sure that the tips of my natural nails could not be seen through the nude base colour.

_IMG_7351 copy

I then took a chunky flakie glitter that was mainly gold with a little bit of rose gold flakes in it.


I placed this over the line where the red meets the nude shade to cover it and make it look more tidy. I found it was easier to use the corner of a make up sponge in order to apply it.

Pyramid Gem Nails

I was short on time this week, so had to come up with something that was quick but not too boring.

_IMG_7421 copy

I started by painting all my nails in 2 coats of a deep red shade.

_IMG_7422 copy

I then took some triangle shaped rhinestones/nail gems. I only had these in yellow unfortunately, as I would not normally go for this colour. However I think they went OK with the red base colour.

_IMG_7434 copy

I placed one triangle in the centre of the base of each nail so that the point was pointing towards the tips.

_IMG_7435 copy

To finish the design off, on the ring finger and thumb nails, I placed 2 more triangles on either side of the first one. Then I placed 2 above this facing the opposite direction, and then finally one on top of those facing in the direction of the bottom row. This created a kind of pyramid shape.

Eye Shadow Colour Combo – Blue, Red and Gold

For this combo, I used a gold shimmery shade in the inner corner and a blue on the outer.

_IMG_7540 copy

I used a reddish shade in the middle and blended it together with the other 2 colours.

_IMG_7542 copy

I used a dark blue eyeliner on the upper lash line.

_IMG_7547 copy

On the lower lash line I used a silver eye liner.

Watermelon Biscuits

I recently stumbled upon this video: Watermelon Cookies. I thought they looked so cute and cool, so I had to try them for myself.


You basically make a biscuit dough and separate it into 3 parts. The biggest part you colour red and make into a cylinder shape. Then you make a flat plain layer to wrap around. Then make a flat green layer to go around that. You then cut it into slices and cut each slice in half to get your segments. Then add some chocolate chips for the seeds.


I converted the recipe from the video from cups to grams as best as I could using online calculators. However I found I needed to add more flour than what it calculated.


Next time I make these biscuits I will use 150g of sugar, 150g of butter and 300g of flour. When I made mine I also used almond flavouring instead of vanilla to give it a subtle ‘battenberg’ taste.