Stamped Necklace Nails

The title for this post comes from the fact that the stamped design reminds me of some necklaces dangling down on each nail.

I started by painting all nails in 2 coats of a coral/ pastel orange shade. This is from Barry M’s Coconut Infusions range.

Once this was dry I went over it with a top coat and then stamped my necklace pattern over the top of it in a black shade.

I placed the design so that the pattern was coming from the base of the nail.

I then placed a small black rhinestone on each nail in the half circle area left at the base of the nail by the design, before finishing off with a top coat.


Ocean Marble Nails

For this design, I experimented with a dry marble technique using a nail stamper and silicone mat.


I started by painting my thumb and ring finger in a light cream shade. I then used liquid tape around these nails to help with cleanup later.


On the rest of the nails I used 2 coats of a metallic blue shade. On the blue nails, I used a few black petrol effect rhinestones to add a bit of decoration to those nails.


On the remaining nails I added the dry marble effect. To do this I painted a square in the cream shade large enough to cover the nails onto a silicone mat. On top of this I blobbed a few drops of the blue shade randomly. I also did the same with a lighter blue polish.


I then dabbed my nail stamper on top of this a couple of times to blur the colours together and then stamped it onto my nail. If I felt the effect was lacking in certain areas I picked up more polish from the mat quickly before it dried too much and stamped it again. I then removed the liquid tape and cleaned up around my nails.

Rainbow Flakie Nails

I recently did a nail art design where I layered 2 different flakie polishes over the top of each other and I really loved how it looked. So for this weeks design I tried something similar.

_20160612_163220 copy

I started by painting all my nails in a black base colour.


Next I used a flakie duochrome polish by Nubar which has tones of green and orange in it. I painted 2 coats of this on all nails except for the ring fingers.


After this was dry I used another flakie top coat which had pastel shades of pinks and blues. I only used 1 coat of this as I did not want it to stand out too much.

_20160612_163328 copy

On the ring fingers, I used a thin brush and a gold shade to paint a design. I painted this by placing a gold line down the centre of the length of the nail. Then near the base of the nail I connected to this line from the sides diagonally, and then filled in the marked off area at the base. I then finished this off with one small rhinestone in the centre of the gold area I had painted at the base of the nail.

Duochrome Gem Nails

For this design I wanted to try out some large square nail gems that I had. I tried to make them look like large gems on necklaces on the nails I used them on.

_20160424_170747 copy

I started by painting my thumb and ring finger nails in 2 coats of a mint green colour.

_20160424_170759 copy

I then painted the rest of the nails in a purple textured polish with gold flecks of glitter.

_20160424_170858 copy

On the mint coloured nails, I used a small dotting tool to place an arrow of dots in gold coming from the base of the nail towards the middle of the nail.


I then placed the large square duochrome effect nail art gem over the point where the gold dots formed the point in the arrow. I placed it on an angle so that it looked like a big diamond shaped gem on the end of a necklace.

Coral and Violet Nails

For this design I wanted something quite simple that used only 2 main colours. I often find the most simple designs can sometimes look the best.

_IMG_7979 copy

I started by painting my thumb and ring finger nails in 2 coats of a coral shade.

_IMG_7985 copy

On the remaining nails I used a dark purple shade with fine gold glitter in it.

_IMG_7989 copy

On the ring fingers I placed a row of lilac rhinestones along the base of the nail.

_IMG_7995 copy

On the thumb nails I used a makeup sponge to sponge on the purple shade to make a gradient on the one half on the nail.

Flakie Jewel Nails

For this design I started off with 2 coats of a dark green to purple duochrome shade. I wanted the base colour to have a little depth and colour to it even though I planned to use a flakie top coat over the top. I put this onto all nails.

_IMG_7182 copy

Next I added my flakie top coat over all nails as well. I ended up using 3 coats of this in the end to get the required density. I let this dry and then added my top coat to all nails.

_IMG_7187 copy

Afterwards I used 2 coats of a lilac shade. I painted a line down the middle of the nail from the base to the tip of both the thumb and ring finger nails.

_IMG_7190 copy

I then used a darker purple striping tape and used this to cover either side of the edges of the lilac sections I had just painted.

_IMG_7195 copy

I finished the design off by placing a large rhinestone in the center, and 2 smaller rhinestones on either side of this onto the nails where I had added the lilac stripe.

Bold Stripes Nails

For this design it took me ages to decide what colours I wanted to use lol.

_IMG_7970 copy

I started by painting the ring and thumb finger nails in 2 coats of white.

_IMG_7958 copy

On the little finger I painted 2 coats of a coral shade, on the middle finger I used a dark purple and on the index finger I used a green/teal shade.

_IMG_7960 copy

On all nails that were not white, I added a single silver rhinestone to each nail. I then used a top coat on all nails and allowed everything to dry fully.


On the nails that I painted white, I used striping tape to mark out space for 3 stripes on each nail. I then used the colours from the other nails to paint a stripe of each colour before removing the striping tape. I then finished those nails off with another coat of top coat.

Purple Flower Nails

I had high hopes for this design, but as always I really fail when it comes to doing little flicks with thin nail art brushes. They always end up to thick no matter how hard I try.

_IMG_7536 copy

I started off by painting all nails in 2 coats of a very light grayish lilac shade as my background.

_IMG_7539 copy

On all nails except the thumb and ring finger nail, I used a very thin nail art brush and painted 2 flicks coming from the one corner in a dark purple colour. I then added 2 more flicks in a lilac shade next to them. I finished off those nails by placing a rhinestone over the corner where all the flicks originated from.

_IMG_7543 copy

On the remaining nails I used the same brush and dark purple shade to paint 3 round petals at the base of each nail.

_IMG_7559 copy

I then used the lilac shade to fill in some little lines in the base of each petal that I had made. I then finished these nails off by placing 3 rhinestones to make the centre of the flower. I think I would have liked the overall design better if I had gone for the flower design on all nails instead of just the thumb and ring fingers.

Shades of Blue Nails

I’ve been wanting to try a design like this for a while now, but have always put it off as I felt it would be hard to freehand neatly. However I found that it was actually quite quick and easy to pull off.

_IMG_7082 copy

I started by painting all nails in 2 coats of a bold shimmery royal blue shade.

_IMG_7084 copy

Next I took a lighter blue shade that had a glittery metallic finish to it.

_IMG_7087 copy

I painted 2 coats of this on every nail, but rather than painting over the entire nail, I started a little bit lower down and copied the natural shape of my nail. This meant that I was left with a bit of a border around the tops and sides of each nails in the darker colour.

_IMG_7096 copy

I finished off the design by placing a small blue rhinestone in the top middle of each ring finger nail.

Valentine’s Heart Drag Marble Nails

I’ve seen a lot of examples of heart drag marble nails floating around on the internet and decided that I wanted to give it a try for Valentine’s Day this year. However, I don’t think it came out as good as it could have. I think I had pressed down a bit too hard while dragging through the dots. You have to work quickly with this kind of design as it works best while everything is still wet.

_IMG_8648 copy

I started by painting the thumb and ring finger nails in one coat of a light brown shimmery shade.

_IMG_8650 copy

On the rest of the fingers, I used 2 coats of a deep dark red shade. Onto these red nails, I also added one light pink heart shaped rhinestone onto each.

_IMG_8660 copy

On the thumb and ring fingers, doing one nail at a time, I painted another layer of the light brown. While it was still wet, I used the red and the largest dotting tool that I have to add 3 dots going down the length of the nail.

_IMG_8665 copy

Before anything had chance to dry, I took a very thin brush and dragged a straight line from just above the dot at the top, straight down through the middle of each dot and stopped at the tip of the nail. If done correctly, you should see that it has made heart type shapes. I actually used a thin nail art brush to touch up my design a little, as the hearts were a bit ‘flat’ on the sides in places.