Some of you may of read my long distance relationship story at the end of last year. The reason I posted that was so that when I got around to making this post you all had a bit of the background story as to why I made this. I basically wanted to make this scrapbook as a gift and collection of the memories me and my fiancé shared during that time.  I wanted this post to tell you all how I made the scrapbook as this is my first time scrapbooking and definatley won’t be my last.


Materials gathered

  • Thick card that was sturdy enough to make the pages
  • Rings to bind the book together
  • Backing paper in different designs
  • PVA glue to stick it all together
  • Photographs of our memories
  • Embellishments in different styles to decorate the pages
  • Ribbon to hold the book closed


How I created the book

  • First I cut the backing card to the size I wanted. I then worked out where I wanted to bind each of the pages and punched holes in the card for this purpose.
  • I next decided on what backing paper I wanted on which pages and cut it to size. Once this was done I stuck it down how I wanted it. On the front cover the design was a bit different.
  • Once everything was dry I planned out which photos to stick where and glued them down. On the inside of the back cover I also cut another piece of backing paper and stuck it down in order to make a keepsake sleeve for tickets and receipts for example.


  • While this was drying I wrote the title of the scrapbook on the front cover and also a message to my fiancé on the inside of the front cover.
  • Next it was time to add the embellishments. I had some plastic heart shapes, some green heart shaped gems, some felt flowers, some smaller flower stickers, some orange fancy flowers and some small green bows. I planed out and then glued the embellishments onto each of the pages in order to decorate the scrapbook.
  • Once this was all dry I placed the binding rings through the punched out holes to hold everything together. I had a small heart shaped charm from my jewellery making supplies which says ‘handmade with love’ that I also attached to the top binding ring.
  • I then finished the whole thing off by tying a length of orange spotty ribbon around the book to hold the pages closed.


It took about a week and a half to arrive to him ,and although it got a little squished in transit Binu loved it.