Foil Splash Nails

For this design I tried out some nail foil for the first time. I did actually purchase this a while back but always put off trying it out because I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to use. However it was actually pretty easy to do and I wish I had of tried it out sooner.


I started by painting all my nails in 2 coats of my base colour. I went for a dark blue. Once this was touch dry I used a quick dry top coat over the top.


Next I selected the foils I wanted to use. I went for a light blue, silver and light pink to go with my base colour. Doing one nail at a time, I took a normal clear polish and removed most of the polish from the brush. Then I randomly dabbed it on parts of the nail. I let this dry for a few seconds and then placed the sheet of foil over the top, pressing it on gently and then removing it. This left random bits of foil in random places on the nail.


I repeated this on each nail, starting with the blue foil. After I did the same over each nail again but with the silver. After I repeated with the pink foil. Then on some nails, I felt that they needed a little more of the blue in places and so I went back over with the blue as needed.


Once I was happy with how my design looked, I went over my nails in a dry fast top coat. Unfortunately, this seemed to react a bit with the foils and it flattened out a lot of the ‘depth’ that they gave to the design. Therefore it did actually look a lot better than it does in the pictures. I’ve since looked online and it seems this is a common issue with foils. I think next time I will try a normal top coat first and then try my quick dry top coat over the top to see if it makes any difference.


Bold Stripes Nails

For this design it took me ages to decide what colours I wanted to use lol.

_IMG_7970 copy

I started by painting the ring and thumb finger nails in 2 coats of white.

_IMG_7958 copy

On the little finger I painted 2 coats of a coral shade, on the middle finger I used a dark purple and on the index finger I used a green/teal shade.

_IMG_7960 copy

On all nails that were not white, I added a single silver rhinestone to each nail. I then used a top coat on all nails and allowed everything to dry fully.


On the nails that I painted white, I used striping tape to mark out space for 3 stripes on each nail. I then used the colours from the other nails to paint a stripe of each colour before removing the striping tape. I then finished those nails off with another coat of top coat.

Metallic Magnetic Nails

For this design, I firstly started by painting all my nails in 2 coats of a metallic goldish/bronze shade.

_IMG_5680 copy

Once this was fully dry, I used striping tape to tape off a section along the middle of each nail.

_IMG_5674 copy

To this middle section, I painted a coat of magnetic nail paint a black/grey shade to one nail.

_IMG_5681 copy

After waiting a few seconds I applied a second coat to this. I immediately held the magnet over this in order to create the magnetic pattern.

_IMG_5683 copy

I then removed the striping tape straight away before it had chance to dry. I repeated this for the remaining nails.

Eye Shadow Colour Combo – Green and Pink

For this one I used a shimmery pastel pink over the whole lid.

_IMG_6211 copy

I then took a green and blended this along the top of the crease.


I used a green eye liner on the top lash line.

_IMG_6215 copy

On the bottom lash line I used a silver eye liner.

Eye Shadow Colour Combo – Blue, Red and Gold

For this combo, I used a gold shimmery shade in the inner corner and a blue on the outer.

_IMG_7540 copy

I used a reddish shade in the middle and blended it together with the other 2 colours.

_IMG_7542 copy

I used a dark blue eyeliner on the upper lash line.

_IMG_7547 copy

On the lower lash line I used a silver eye liner.

Eye Shadow Colour Combo – Simple Smokey

This is a simple smokey combination.

_IMG_5557 copy

On the inner side I used a silvery colour and on the outer side I used a shimmery dark grey colour.

_IMG_5561 copy

I mimiced the same with the eyeliner by using silver on the inner half and a black on the outer half.

Ombre Rhinestones Nail Art

I really love how this design came out, but then it does use my favourite colour.

_IMG_6644 copy

I started by painting all of my nails except the ring fingers in 2 coats of a shimmery white shade.

_IMG_6635 copy

On the ring fingers I used a purple textured fine glitter type nail paint. In order to keep durability and the matte textured finish with such nail polishes, I usually put one coat of the polish, then my top coat, and then the 2nd coat on the top of this.

_IMG_6636 copy

I then took rhinestones in silver, light purple and dark purple. I started by placing 2 silver rhinestones next to each other in a line starting from the base end of each nail that was painted in white.

_IMG_6640 copy

I then continued the lines by placing 2 light purple, and then lastly 2 dark purple rhinestones. This created a line going down the middle of each nail in a ombre rhinestone type effect.

Purple Rain Nails

I started this design off by using a nude sort of grey/purple shade called ‘Vanilla’ from Barry M’s matte nail paints. I used 2 coats of this on all nails.

_IMG_5613 copy

Next I took a large dotting tool and a silver shade. I randomly placed dots on each nail but tried to focus them near the top of the nail. The aim was to have the dots appear like they are falling down the nail in a gradient kind of effect, with the top of the nail containing dots and the tips of the nails being plain.

_IMG_5616 copy

Next I took a smaller sized dotting tool and did the same on all nails with the same silver colour.

_IMG_5619 copy

Once this was dry I repeated the same previous 2 steps, but with a lilac colour. I overlapped both sizes of the lilac dots over the silver dots I had previously placed.

_IMG_5627 copy

Lastly, I repeated the same thing again, but with a darker purple colour. Again I overlapped this over the other dots in places. It’s better to not get carried away with the number of dots you place of each colour.

Handmade Wedding Invitation and Guest Book Card

I wanted to share with you all the handmade wedding invitations and ‘guest book card’ that I made for my wedding day last year. If planning my wedding hadn’t have been so hectic (made more hectic by organising my husbands visa application at the same time), then I might have thought about taking some good pictures in order to show a step by step guide.


For the invitations I was going for a simple but pretty design. I used A5 sized pieces of white textured card. Holding it in portrait orientation, I folded the top down and bottom up into the middle of the card to make 2 flaps.

On the top flap I used sticky sponge pads to stick a small card banner that I purchased which said ‘Wedding Invitation’ on it.

I also purchased some lilac card butterfly shapes. I stuck small silver rhinestones onto the heads of these. To make them more 3D, I slightly folded the wings upwards. I attached one to the top left corner of the card and the other to the opposite diagonal corner.

On the remaining 2 corners I attached small flowers. I made these using a flower shape paper punch to punch out silver and lilac flower shapes. For each flower I put a silver flower shape at the bottom and glued a lilac one on top in the center, making sure that the silver petals were visible in between the lilac ones. I made these slightly 3D by bending the petals up slightly and then glued a silver rhinestone to the center of each completed flower.

For the inside of the invitation, I designed and printed the text for the invitations on the computer and then printed this out onto lilac coloured card. I designed it in a way so that when it was cut out, it could be glued into what becomes the middle of the centre section of the card when it is unfolded. I made sure it was a bit smaller than this centre section so that it left an even white border around the lilac insert.

I used A6 sized silver envelopes that I purchased to house the completed invitations.


This ‘Please sign our guest book’ card was made out of left over materials that I had from the wedding invitations.

I cut the white textured card into A6 size and then folded it in half so that the fold was across the top of the card when standing it on the table.

I made a label on the computer that was roughly half the size of the front of the white card and printed this out onto lilac card. I cut this out and stuck this onto a piece of silver card. I then cut out the silver card so that it was a little bigger in order to make a silver border around the lilac card. I then glued this onto the front of the white card.

I then completed the card by attaching a small paper flower near the top corner that I had made in the exactly the same way as I did for the wedding invitations.

I ended up making quite a lot of these paper flowers and using them for other decoration on the day. One example of this was for a banner that I had purchased on eBay. The banner was made from lilac card cut out to the shapes of the letters used in the banner that were hung on thin ribbon. I felt it was a little plain and so I attached some of the flowers that I had made onto each of the letters. However for these flowers I only used one layer of the silver card instead of layering it up like I did with the invitations. You can see a picture of this below.


Jewellery Making Pearl Effect Charm Bracelets – Flutterflies

Here are a few pearl effect elasticated charm bracelets that I have made in the past. The charm theme for these bracelets are butterflies and dragonflies.