Simple Dotty Outline Nails

This was a nice simple quite plain design that you could wear for any occasion.

I started by painting all nails in ‘Marshmallow’ from Barry M’s ‘Frosted Cupcakes’ collection. I had to use 3 coats to get the coverage I wanted. This is an off white shade with tiny flecks of silver flakes. They don’t show up too well but it does add more texture to the look of things.

I then added my dots in a bronze shade. I started by placing a larger dot in the centre of the base of each nail.

Then on either side of this dot, I added two more dots (making 4 in total) in a slightly smaller sized dotting tool. On the thumbs I added 3 dots on either side.

I then finished off the design by adding 2 more dots in the same colour on either side, underneath the previous ones in an even more slightly smaller sized dotting tool.


Circle Dotticure Nails

I’m really pleased with how this design turned out and the best part is it was quite quick to do. The colours and the shimmer against the dark background works well.


I started by painting all nails in 2 coats of my background colour. I went for a dark purple.


Next I took a large dotting tool and a purple metallic shade. I placed one dot per nail where I wanted the centre of my circle to be.


Then I took a smaller sized dotting tool and blue shimmery metallic shade. I placed a circle of the smaller dots around the larger dot.


I then repeated this 2 more times with a pink and then a gold metallic shimmery shade, to make a total of 3 rings of dots around the central dot.

Duochrome Gold Spiral Spots Nails

These nails might look like they were a bit complex to make, but they actually didn’t take me anywhere near as long to do as I expected. I was very pleased with how well they came out. Often I have this great picture in my mind of how an idea will look, and then when I actually come to trying to make the design, it ends up nowhere near as good as I envisioned. However, this was one of those rare cases where the idea came out better than I expected.


I decided to use a duochrome shade for my base. This one is called ‘Persian’ and is by Barry M. It’s a pretty purple shade that turns to shades of bronze and gold. For the dot details, I used a shimmery gold shade to match with the colours in the duochrome.


I started by painting all nails in 3 coats of the duochrome base colour. I needed 3 coats to make it opaque enough. In hindsight I should have really used a dark shade underneath.


Next I took the smallest sized dotting tool that I had and used this to place the shimmery gold dots on all nails. The idea behind the placement was to have them in curved and spiraling line patterns. I wanted each nail on one hand to have a completely different pattern on it, but I wanted the hands themselves to match.


On the thumbs I went for a spiral of dots coming from the base to the middle of the nail, as well as a curve of lines going along the one side of the nail. The ring finger nail was a bit similar, but the spiral came from the tip of the nail, with lines of dots near the base of the nail. On the index finger, I made a half moon of dots along the one side of the nail. The middle finger was the opposite to this as it had an inverted curve of dots made on the opposite side of the nail. Finally, on the little finger, I placed a half moon of dots at the tip of the nail, with lines of dots going diagonally across the base of the nail.

Daisy Nails #2

Ever since my last design based on daisies, I’ve wanted to do another design that involves daisies.

_IMG_5610 copy

For this one I wanted to take inspiration from a top I have with a daisy pattern on it.

_IMG_5591 copy

First, I painted all nails in 2 coats of a dark blue shade.

_IMG_5596 copy

Next I took a small dotting tool and a white nail polish. I made the petals of 3 small flowers going down along the one side of each nail.

_IMG_5599 copy

I did this by placing a cluster of 5 small dots in a circle to make a kind of rounded point star shape.

_IMG_5604 copy

Lastly in the centre of each flower I used the same dotting tool to place a gold dot in order to make the centre of each daisy.

Water Spotted Nail Experiment

I call this one an experiment because overall it was a bit of a fail lol. I’ve never tried any of the nail designs that involve dripping nail varnish in water but have always been eager to try it out. As I had a bit of spare time this weekend I thought I would give this spotty effect a go.

_IMG_5899 copy

First I painted all nails in 2 coats of my background colour. I decided on a dark purple. On the tutorials I looked at for this effect they say to use sanitiser spray. I don’t have this but in a couple of places people had said to use hairspray instead so I decided to go for that instead.

_IMG_5901 copy

I used cellotape to tape around my nails in order to make the clean up easier. I took a disposable plastic cup of room temperature water and added a few drops, one by one of my chosen colour. I went for a goldy metallic kind of colour. The drips separate out across the surface of the water. Then you can take your spray and do a little spritz on the top to make the dots. You can then dip your nail over the part of the pattern you like best, remove the excess with a toothpick, remove your nail from the water, remove the cellotape and clean up the nail with nail varnish remover before adding your top coat.

_IMG_5905 copy

However, I found that no matter how gentle I tried to be with the hairspray, when it hit the water it just made the nail varnish layer constrict up. If I was lucky I got a few big holes in the layer, but I wanted a design that had many spaller holes in it. I also found that the hairspray messed the surface of the water up for the next attempt as well. After struggling several times and wasting a bit of nail varnish on failed attempts, I was left with 2 nails undone, and the rest that I was not happy with how most of them turned out.

_IMG_5911 copy

This was when I decided to try something else that was in spray form. The closest thing I had near me to try was a bottle of body spray in a spritz bottle rather than in aerosol form. I used this for both the ring and little finger nails of my right hand. You can see from the pictures that although the gold nail polish looks a little less vibrant on these nails, the overall effect came out a lot better and more like what I wanted. It also didn’t make the nail varnish constrict up like the hairspray did. Therefore I definatley need to try this method out again to see if I can get better results. I also want to try out water marbled nails sometime as well as I have never gotten around to trying that out before either.

Spring Daisy Nails

I wanted to have a go at a design that involved daisies where the centre of each daisy was a yellow rhinestone and this is what I came up with.

_IMG_5575 copy

I painted each nail in two coats of a nude shade. I then painted the bottom halves of each nail in a sky blue colour.

_IMG_5578 copy

To each nail I painted on a subtle flakie nail paint to add a bit of sparkle. I only placed this over where I had used the blue colour.

_IMG_5585 copy

Then using a dotting tool I placed dots in white in order to create a daisy on the middle of each nail. In the centre of each flower I placed a yellow rhinestone.

_IMG_5587 copy

I then added some small dots in a gold colour to the sides of each flower in order to cover up the line where the nude background and blue colours met. Immediately after finishing this design I had an idea for another daisy design based on a top I own lol.

Foil Spot Nails

This one was a simple dotty design using a plain background and foil effect dots in curved rows.

_IMG_5429 copy

First I painted all nails in 2 coats of a dark purple shade.

_IMG_5434 copy

Then using a medium sized dotting tool and a silver foil nail varnish, I added a row of dots curving along one bottom corner of each nail.

_IMG_5436 copy

Next I took a very slightly bigger sized dotting tool and a lilac foil effect nail varnish to add another row of dots above the silver row.

_IMG_5440 copy

Lastly I did the same again, but this time with a gold foil effect nail varnish and a bigger sized dotting tool.

_IMG_5444 copy

I then finished everything off with a coat of top coat.

Dotty Magnetic Nails

This was a nice quick design using a magnetic nail paint.

_IMG_0307 copy

I painted all nails, except the ring fingers in in 1 coat of a blue magnetic nail paint. The ring fingers were painted in 2 coats of a bright blue shade.

_IMG_0309 copy

For the second coat of the magnetic nail paint, a kind of star effect magnet was used over the top.

_IMG_0314 copy

On the ring fingers a dotting tool was used to place some silver dots in a star shape to add more pattern to the whole thing.

Gold Doughnut Nails

Lol I really couldn’t think of a sensible title for this one.

_IMG_0211 copy

So for this one I painted all nails except the ring fingers in Pink Princess royal textured glitter. This is a pretty pink texture with gold flecks of glitter.

_IMG_0213 copy

On the ring fingers I used a raspberry shade, before using a dotting tool to add gold dots.

_IMG_0216 copy

Then on top of each gold dot, I used the raspberry shade to add a smaller dot in the centre of each.

_IMG_0219 copy

For the most part this worked OK. But the dot size tends to get bigger each time as you re-dip your dotting tool in nail varnish. This meant the dot in the middle was a bit too big and messy in some places.

Duochrome Dot Nails

This week is another simple dotty design.

_IMG_0223 copy

I firstly painted all nails in a duochrome base. This polish goes from a purpley burgundy type of colour to green and gold depending on how the light hits it.

_IMG_0224 copy

Then I used a gold polish along with a dotting tool to add some dots to make the whole thing a bit more interesting.

_IMG_0228 copy

I added 3 rows of dots. Starting with a row of 4 dots on the one side of the nail, then reducing it to 3 dots and then finally a row of 2 dots.

_IMG_0233 copy

It was nice and easy to do but I think it looks really pretty still.