Teal and Bronze Lace Stamped Nails

Originally this design was going to use a mandala stamping plate, however neither of my clear stampers would pick up any part of the design. My firm Konad classic stamper was able to pick it up without problems, but that stamper is too small for the current length of my nails. Plus I wanted to be able to see exactly where I was placing the design. I’m not sure if it’s because I got a plate that wasn’t etched too well, or whether it is a problem with my technique etc. In the end I had to give up and opt for a lace type design from another plate from Born Pretty; BPL-028, which works perfectly fine with my clear stampers. I will have to go back and experiment with the Mandala plate next time I cut my nails down short enough to use with my Konad stamper.

Anyways, for this design, I started by painting my nails in 2 coats of a light teal/tourquize shade from Barry M’s Coconut Infusion range. Once this was dry I went over it with a fast dry top coat.

My middle finger nails are always the first ones to break normally, but I have been lucky lately. However I have bent the one on my right hand a few times without breaking it in the past week or so. When removing my design from last week, I did notice that a weakened line was starting to form where the nail was becoming bendy and likely to split. As I wanted to have long nails for this design, I placed a layer of my normal base coat, then cut a small piece of normal DIY masking tape to place over the weak point, and then another coat of base coat over the top. This added some strength back to the nail so that I can at least get another week or so out of it. At first it was very obvious that there was a square of tape under my nail varnish, but once all the layers of the design had been completed, this had become smoothed out and hidden.

Next, I used a bronze glitter nail paint from Barry M, and a makeup sponge to sponge a gradient onto the tips of each nail. Once this was dry, I used a black stamping polish by Konad and the lace design to stamp onto each nail. I wanted each nail to show a different part of the design, with the thumbs and ring fingers to be completely stamped over, and the rest to just have the edge of the design stamped onto them.

The lace design has a small circle in the center of it. So to finish off the design, I placed a small rhinestone into the center of this circle where it appeared on the thumb and ring fingers. I then finished everything off with a top coat.


Subtle Gold and Grey Nails

This design is pretty subtle in the way that the gold does not stand out much against the base colour, but I think the colour combo look pretty together.

I started by painting all nails in a greyish shade that has a mix of gold and bronze shades of very fine shimmer.

On the middle and ring fingers I stamped in gold at the base of the nails.

I then used a dense fine gold glitter polish and a makeup sponge to sponge a bit of a gradient onto the tips of each of the nails.

At first I was going to put a matte top coat over the top of everything, but in the end I decided to leave it glossy. I felt the matte might have made it too hard to see the stamping.

Teal Triangles

For this design I did some stamping and made some nail stickers from a geometric triangular plate no.BP-L054 from Born Pretty. It was night time by the time I had finished these so unfortunately I had to take the pictures under artificial light.

I started by painting the thumbs and ring fingers in 2 coats of a light cream/nude shade. On the remaining nails I used 2 coats of a metallic teal/tourquise colour.

On the teal nails I used a gold nail polish with the stamping plate to stamp a different pattern from the plate onto each of those nails.

For the cream nails I used a silicone mat to make some nail stickers from patterns on the plate using a black polish.

I used the same teal and gold shades from the other nails to fill in the spaces in the patterns before transferring them over to the nails. Things did get a little messy in places but the top coat helped a little to even things out and hide this.

Duochrome Bow Nails

For this design I used a simple bow pattern to stamp onto each nail over the top of a duochrome pigment. As usual I find designs that have such a shiny finish hard to photograph.

I started by painting all nails in 2 coats of a black gel polish and cured it.

On top of this I rubbed in a duochrome powder onto every nail. This was a pinkish purple colour that changes to a kind of greenish gold shade.

Over the top of it I used a bow pattern and a white stamping polish to stamp onto each nail.

I then cured a layer of top coat onto each nail. In the video below I tried to show the colour a bit better by taking my hand out of direct light.

Double Stamped Nails

For this design I tested out a duochrome green stamping polish that I purchased from the Born Pretty website a while back. I really love the colours in it. It is like a dark green base with a lighter green and almost gold shimmer. I decided to go for a double stamped effect by stamping the same pattern first in a plain white and then the duochrome green over the top of it.

I started by painting my middle and ring fingers in a dark green shade from Barry M’s Gelly Hi-Shine range. On the rest of the nails I used the shade ‘Tiki Hut’ from Barry M’s Coconut Infusion range.

On the index finger, I placed one single small rhinestone on the top middle of the nail. On the ring fingers I placed a medium sized rhinestone on the top middle of the nail, and then 2 small ones on either side of it.

On the little fingers, I stamped the pattern I was using (from Born Pretty plate BPL-028) in the green over just the bottom half of the nail. I then painted a white line across the middle of the nail where the stamped pattern ended.

On the remaining thumb and middle nails is where I did the double stamping. First I stamped the same pattern from plate BPL-028 in a white stamping polish. Then I did the same with the duochrome green. However I made sure that I placed them slightly differently each time so that you could see the pattern in both the white and the green on the nail.

Nude Lace Nails

I’ve been really busy lately so for this week’s design I needed to do something that I could complete quickly, so I went for an easy stamped design.

I started off by painting all nails in 2 coats of ‘Skinny Dip’ from Barry M’s Coconut Infusion Range.

Once this was touch dry I used a quick dry top coat and used liquid latex around each nail to help with clean up.

I then finished off the design by stamping a lace pattern in black over the top of each nail. The stamping plate I used was Harunouta #3.

I then peeled off the latex and cleaned up around each nail before putting on my final layer of top coat.

Magnetic Tartan Nails

For this design I wanted to use a tartan pattern from one of my stamping plates. The plate is Harunouta #10. The pattern only covers the one corner of the plate so is a bit on the small side, but I just about managed to cover my nails with it.

I also wanted the background colour to have a little depth to it so I used a red magnetic nail polish with a stripe patterned magnet.

I started by painting all nails in one coat of the red magnetic polish that I had chosen as my base. Once this was dry I applied a generous second coat, going one nail at a time, and immediately held the magnet over the top to give it a stripe pattern.

I gave this a good bit of time to dry really well. During this time I set up my stamping plate and tools. I used a black stamping polish to stamp my design. I also used liquid tape around my nails to help with the cleanup.

When I was ready I stamped the tartan pattern over each of my nails, removed the liquid tape and then used a flat brush with acetone to clean up any areas that needed it. I tried to place the design so that it was different on each nail. I also wanted to place it straight, but as I was not using a clear stamper, this didn’t quite happen on some nails.

Grey Floral Nails

This was a nice simple design with a bit of stamping and a few rhinestones thrown in for some extra bling.

I started by painting all nails in 2 coats of a brownish grey colour that has fine gold shimmer in it.

After I used a floral pattern from stamping plate BPX-L019 by Born Pretty.

I used this with a white polish and stamped to the base areas of the thumb and ring finger nails only.

I finished off the design with a single rhinestone under the middle of each stamped nail area.

Bronze Negative Space Nails

I think the bronze colour I used for this design goes really well with the black stamping.

I started by painting a large bronze tip to the ring and thumb finger nails. I used a flat brush to help define the shape and then went over this with a second coat.

On the remaining nails I covered the entire nail with 2 coats of the bronze. This colour is from Barry M’s Molten Metals.

I then stamped in black over all the bronze areas using a design from Born Pretty plate BP-L052. I used liquid tape to prevent any stamping getting on the areas of nail that I had left plain.

I then took a small dotting tool and the same black to dot a row along the line where the bronze and the bare nail met on the thumb and ring fingers. I finished off the design by placing a small silver rhinestone in the middle of each of these lines of dots.

Matte Duochrome Stamped Nails

For this design I wanted to try putting a matte top coat over the top of a duochrome polish.

I started by giving all nails a dark green base as the main colour of the duochrome polish I was using was green.

I then went over the top of this with a coat of my duochrome polish. This polish was from Born Pretty and changes from green to purple, but also has flecks of multi sized green glitter in it as well.

On the middle and ring fingers I stamped over the top of this in white using a floral pattern from a large Born Pretty stamping plate.

On the remaining fingers I used a flat brush to paint a white tip on each, before finishing everything off with a matte top coat.