Blue and Gold Stripe Nails

This is a simple design made using striping tape.

I started by painting my thumbs in 2 coats of a gold shade.

On the remaining nails I used 2 coats of a dark shimmery blue.

On the gold nails I used blue striping tape and lay 4 stripes across each nail in a random pattern. Unfortunately my top coat faded the colour a bit on the blue striping tape.

On the ring fingers I also used 4 stripes of striping tape across the nails in a random pattern but this time I used a gold coloured tape.


Colourful Lines Nails

This week’s design is a simple design with colourful stripes on top of a nude background. I painted the stripes freehand with a striping brush, as you can probably tell, as my lines aren’t exactly the neatest lol. I always both admire and envy nail art videos where the nail artist has such perfect brush control and can paint such perfect neat straight lines.


I started by painting all nails in a light cream/nude shade. I used 2 coats to get an even base colour. All colours that I used are from Barry M’s Coconut Infusion range.


I then took a striping brush and my first chosen shade for the stripes. I went with a sort of mint green colour. I painted the stripes so that they were at a different angle on each nail, but so that each hand matched.


I then took a light blue shade and the same size striping brush and placed a stripe directly to the side of the previous line.


I then repeated the same with my final colour which was a pink shade. I placed these stripes on the opposite side of the green line. However I think it would have been better to have the pink line in the middle as the green gets a bit camouflaged in with the blue.

Flakie Magnetic Nails

This simple design uses different magnetic polishes with a few layers of a iridescent flakie top coat over the top.

_IMG_8377 copy

I started by painting all nails in 1 coat of their base colours. For the ring finger I used a purple, the thumb a blue and the rest I used a gold shade.

_IMG_8380 copy

I then went over each nail with their respective colours one at a time, making sure that I immediately used the magnet over the top in order to get the striped design.

_IMG_8385 copy

I let this have plenty of time to dry as I find using the top coat too quickly over the top then it smears the magnetic effect. I gave it about 30 minutes.

_IMG_8391 copy

Then I used a flakie top coat consisting of pastel iridescent flakes over the top. I used 2 coats of this before using my normal top coat.

Mint Peach Bar Nails

I think the combination of the peach and green shades work really well together in this design.

_IMG_5630 copy

I started by painting all nails in 2 coats of my base colour. I wanted each nail to be slightly different and so this was whatever colour was closest to the base of the nail.

_IMG_5636 copy

I then added on my second colour to each nail. I placed it so that I could split each nail into different stripes of colour. Again I attempted to randomise the order of the colours.

_IMG_5637 copy

Once this was dry I repeated the same with the 3rd colour, so that each nail was left with 3 different stripes of colour. On the darker green/tourquize shade, I went over it with a multi glitter top coat as I wanted each stripe to have a different finish to it.

_IMG_5642 copy

Lastly, I covered over the lines where the different colours met with a gold holographic striping tape. This helps to make everything look a lot neater.

Pastel Candy – Lost nail art pictures

This one reminded me a little of those humbug mint boiled sweets, but a colourful version. I firstly painted all nails in a white.


Then using a striping brush I painted pastel lilac and peach coloured lines going down lengthways on each nail.

Sparkle and Squiggle Nails

I had cut down one of my old nail art brushes to see if it would help me achieve a thinner line. This was just a quick design I came up with in order to test it out.

_IMG_6040 copy

Firstly I painted all of my nails with 2 coats of my base colour. I went for a purple shade.

_IMG_6043 copy

Then using a silver colour and a thin nail art brush, I added some curved lines to each nail.

_IMG_6047 copy

Then I repeated this, but with a multicoloured glitter nail paint. I added the lines in between the silver lines.


I then finished everything off with a top coat.

Glitter Stripe Nails

Originally I was going to add stripes to all the nails, but I was short on time and messed up a bit in my rush. In the end I settled for just doing the ring fingers.

_IMG_5295 copy

I painted all nails except the ring finger in the same colour. I went for a shimmery glittery blue shade. For the ring fingers I went for a gold in the same style of polish.

_IMG_5296 copy

It is essential that you make sure each coat of nail polish is given enough time to dry fully, other wise you risk pulling off the base colour when you peel off the striping tape. I put strips of tape at random angles over the ring finger nails.

_IMG_5300 copy

Next I painted a black polish over the ring finger nails. Before it has chance to dry too much, remove the tape. I suggest trying to remember the order in which you layered each strip of tape so that you can remove it starting with the top most strip.

_IMG_5303 copy

I found if I was not careful to remove the tape in this way then I risked messing up the perfectness of my lines, which I ended up doing a little until I had realised this.

Purple Fishtail Wrap Nails

I’ve seen many people use this fishtail method over the past few years that I have been into nail art. Although I’ve always thought it looked pretty, I have never tried it for myself until now and was very pleased with the result.

_IMG_0443 copy

First I painted all nails with 2 coats of a dark purple to make the base for all nails.

_IMG_0446 copy

On all nails except the ring fingers, I then used the purple royal textured glitter by Barry M, which is called Purple Countess.

_IMG_0448 copy

On the ring finger I used 3 different colours. The same purple as the base, a gold and a peach colour. These complimented the colours in the textured glitter on the other nails.


I then started the design by firstly painting gold just underneath the top of the nail in a diagonal line. Once this was dry I repeated the same with the peach by placing it just underneath the gold in a diagonal line. However this time I made sure to go diagonally in the opposite direction. I then went back to the purple and repeated, making sure the diagonal was in the same direction as the gold was at the start.

_IMG_0452 copy

I continued to repeat this pattern all the way down the nail in the order of gold, peach and then purple. Each time you start just underneath the previous colour and make sure you go diagonally in the opposite direction to what you did the previous time.

_IMG_0456 copy

I’m very happy with how it turned out and definatley want to try this again with a different colour combination. One thing to note is that the tip of the nail can get quite thick with the build up of different layers, so make sure to let each layer dry well before moving to the next.

Red and Gold mash up Nails

I wanted this design to be a mixture of different patterns on each nail and I decided I wanted to focus my design on red and gold colours. All the nail paints used were by Barry M. The red is from their retro colours and the glitter is called copper.


I painted the thumb and little finger nails with two coats of the gold magnetic and did the magnetic effect on it. The second and third fingers got 2 coats of the red and the ring finger got 3 coats of the copper glitter.

_IMG_5634 copy

On the little finger I then added 2 coats of the red in the form of a French tip. On the second finger I used a dotting tool to add 3 dots in the copper glitter. I also did 2 coats for this.


On the thumb I used a nail art brush to add a red triangle shape in the middle of the nail and then went over this for another coat to even it out. On the third finger I went over the bottom half of the nail 2 times with the copper glitter.

_IMG_5637 copy

After this was dry on both the thumb and third finger I then used striping tape to neaten up the line between the two different nail paints used. On the thumb I used a red tape and on the other I used a gold tape.


On the ring fingers I added a row of square shaped nail art gems. The whole thing was finished off with a coat of top coat, but to the ring finger I added a second coat to help keep the gems in place. I hope you like how it turned out.

Soap Making Experimentation – #2

So it has actually been a few weeks since I made this soap, but I have had quite a lot of things I’ve wanted to post about recently. Instead of posting them all at once and then risk having nothing to post for ages, I have decided to schedule them in advance and spread them out to no more than 2 blogs per week.

Anyways for my second lot of soap making I got an opaque base, even though I actually ordered transparent, but never mind. My aim was to create a stripy block and then slice it up.

However, first I made a blue layer. I decided to use cherry fragrance for these batch of soaps. I used a box that we had cotton buds in for the mould and added the mixture. This soap base seems to take longer to set than the one I bought previous, or maybe it was just my impatience lol. Anyways I was waiting and waiting and it seemed to be taking ages. By the time it got a ‘film’ on the top where it was starting to set I decided to get the next layer ready. This time I used the red colouring which turned out a dark greyish blue instead lol. I poured this into the mould but the heat and the weight made it pierce through the bottom layer and it ended up mixing together slightly. Therefore I made sure that for the final layer I went and watched TV for a bit to let it set properly and stop me being impatient. The final layer was the lime green coloured layer. Once this was completely set I popped it out the mould and you can see how it looked in the image above. At this stage it felt like a bit of a disaster, so I decided to have another attempt and used a round tub I had as a mould.

The result of the second soap can be seen in the image above. As I waited properly between layers this time the soap actually came out stripy lol. This one is also cherry scented and I used green, blue and orange for the layers. It was then time to slice them up into smaller manageable pieces of soap. The tools I used are in the picture below, and are basically some of my mom’s knives I found in the kitchen.

I first decided to cut up the ‘disaster’ soap. But it was at this point that I realised it wasn’t as much of a disaster as I first thought. The pattern where the two colours had mixed looked quite cool in my opinion. This made me wish I had been impatient with the green layer as well though lol as I think it would look quite cool to of had it all swirled together.

The below image shows a close up of one of the slices. I love the fragrances I bought. They smell so good to use and the soap feels pleasing when lathered on the skin.

This next image shows the ‘success’ soap, where the stripes worked as they were supposed to. As I used a round mould for this soap I decided to cut it up like a cake.

I think the colours I used go well together. This soap reminds me of a round cheese for some reason lol. I guess its because of the shape and smooth look to it, as I’ve never seen cheese this colour lol.

I hope you like the pictures of my soap and I am eager to experiment more with this. I find it quite fun to make them, and just as fun to use them.