Teal Sparkle Nails

Please excuse the messiness of this design. It was my first ever time trying out gel polish and a UV lamp. I think I painted my layers a bit thick so they came out uneven in places. I found that the brushes held a lot more product than I expected when compared to normal nail polish. I guess it’s because the consistency felt a bit different.

However I found that the smaller flecks of glitter covered the nails before the larger ones had chance to. I then used a gel top coat over the glitter and cured it before repeating this on the other thumb.

For the ring fingers, I repeated the same process and used the same loose glitter. However I dipped each nail in the glitter pot instead and used a fan brush to brush away the excess.

By this point I had got loose glitter everywhere and some of it got stuck to the other nails that I had only put the base coat onto. In hindsight I should have done the glitter nails last.

I then painted and cured all the remaining nails in a black gel. On top of this I used a no-wipe top coat and cured it. I then applied a metallic teal nail powder with an eyeshadow applicator before using another layer of topcoat to finish the design.



Metallic Turquoise Nails

For this design I attempted to recreate the look of turquoise gemstone. From looking at pictures online I seen that the stone has black lines going through it with bits of gold here and there.


I started with my base colour. Rather than a flat turquoise shade, I wanted my base colour to be more metallic looking. The colour I chose is called ‘Teal’ by Barry M. I had to paint 3 coats of this to get the cover that I wanted.


I then took a thin brush and a black acrylic paint. I used this to paint in the black lines.


It ended up a little bit different to how turquoise really looks, as the lines should have been more circular rather than looking like cracks. However I still liked how the pattern turned out in the end.


I then took a gold polish that was made up of very densely packed gold shimmer. Using the same sized brush I then went over and painted in little bits of gold here and there on and around the black lines before finishing off with a top coat.

Teal Bronze Caviar Nails

This week is a simple micro bead nail look.

_IMG_0380 copy

I have micro beads in teal as well and saw these 2 colours next to each other and thought they looked nice together.

_IMG_0382 copy

As I have a nail paint in the teal colour as well I decided to paint all nails in this shade.

_IMG_0384 copy

Then I used the bronze/copper coloured micro beads and added them to both ring fingers to make an accent nail.

_IMG_0388 copy

I took these photos before adding top coat. Although the beads don’t look as good with top coat over the top, I like to still use it in order to make them last a lot longer.

Teal and Purple Magnetic Nails

This is another design I wanted to try using a magnetic nail paint.

_IMG_7579 copy

Firstly I painted all nails in 2 coats of a teal/turquoise colour.

_IMG_7585 copy

Then on the bottom halves of each nail I painted on a purple magnetic effect polish. The magnet used gave a curved line type of effect.

_IMG_7588 copy

Then in order to hide the line between the 2 colours, I added a dark pink stripe of striping tape across each nail.

_IMG_7591 copy

I really like how these colours work together, and the striping tape helps the whole thing look a lot more clean and finished.

Pink Teal Nails

I wasn’t sure if to post these pics as they are a bit plain and was more of an experiment with this particular colour combination.

_IMG_5234 copy

However I will be away from home for the next few weeks so needed some posts to schedule up in advance to cover the time I’m gone. These have been sitting on my computer since September last year so figured I might as well just use them than delete them.

_IMG_5236 copy

The colours used are Teal and Pink Silver glitter. Both are by Barry M. The teal has a kind of metallic finish to it and so I was interested to see how it would look teamed up with a glittery nail varnish in a completely different colour.


Therefore I did one look where 1 coat of the glitter was applied over the teal on all nails. The other look is the teal on all fingers and then several coats of the glitter was packed onto the ring finger only.