Sea Pearls Nails

For this design I started by painting all nails in 2 coats of a pastel sea green colour.

Once this was dry I placed a single small silver rhinestone in the middle of the base of each nail except the ring fingers.

On the ring fingers I took some small pearl effect nail art gems. I randomly stuck a few of these near the base of both ring fingers.

I then filled in the gaps with some of the silver rhinestones. I tried to shape the design almost like a half moon of nail gems at the base of the nail.

I then sealed my design together with a top coat.


Dried Petal Nails

I was given a nail art gift a while back that came with a few polishes and some little pots of dried flowers. I thought that as spring is here, it would be the perfect time to try it out.

_IMG_6491 copy

Firstly, I painted my nails in 2 coats of my base colours. For the thumb and ring finger I went with a light pink. For the rest of the nails I went with a light purple.

_IMG_6494 copy

Next I decided how I would place the dried flowers and laid them out. I painted my nail with clear polish and then using tweezers I placed the flower on the nail. Anything that was sticking over the nail I trimmed down with nail scissors. I then covered this with my top coat to seal it in.

_IMG_6498 copy

It was at this point that I realised that the more 3D the flower was, the harder it was to get it to stick down. I wanted to be able to cover the flower fully with my top coat and have it flat against the nail to increase its durability. When trying to do this the more intricate flowers became a bit messy, because it was so hard to get them to stick down flat.


Due to this, I changed my plans a bit. Originally I was going to place 2 different flowers on each nail and have them overlap. But I changed this to just one in order to prevent everything becoming too much of a mess. The small pink flowers that I used were the easiest to stick down as they were made up of just one layer of petals.

Eye Shadow Colour Combo – Tourquoise and Grey

This time we have a simple turquoise and grey combination.

_IMG_7461 copy

All colours used came form the MUA Glitterball palette.

_IMG_7462 copy

I used the turquoise shade on the inner half of each eye.

_IMG_7464 copy

Then I used a little bit of the black shade and blended it so that it looked more dark grey. I then sweeped some of the silver shade over the top of where I put the black.

Matte Ring Finger Nails

I got the below two colours from Avon back in the winter. The purple is called Violetta Sparkle and is a dark purple with gold shimmer in it. The other is called Sequinned Turquoise and is a turquoise with a silver shimmer to it.

I wanted to see how these looked with a matte top coat over them as matte over shimmer and glitter can look quite effective. However as I had not wore these colours before, I also wanted to see how they looked normally. I decided to go for a matte ring finger look to get the effect of both at once. For the matte, I used Matte Magic by China Glaze, and for the gloss I used my normal Barry M top coat.

The next few pictures show how it turned out with the purple.

I quite like these two shades as they apply easily and have a lovely finish with the shimmer.

They also look good both with the matte and normal top coat in my opinion.  However if you are not a fan of matte nail varnish then this would not suit you.

The next two pictures show the same in the turquoise.

However of the two colours I think I like the purple with the gold shimmer in it the best.

What do you think?

Playing around with 120 Palette

As I’ve had the past few days off from work, it’s been the perfect opportunity to do some blogging. Today I thought I would experiment a bit with my 120 Palette, as I haven’t used it near enough as much as I would have liked to by now. I had a purple and green bracelet on that I made earlier this year so decided I would try out a green and purple combo. However when looking at the colours in the palette there was a slightly greenish tourquise shade that caught my eye so I went with that in the end instead of a normal green as you can see in the pictures below.

I think the two colours blended together in the crease really nicely, despite them being two quite different colours. This is just one of the many reasons why I love my palette so much lol. There hasn’t been any colours that I’ve tried and been disappointed with yet.

The top eyeliner is one of those marker pen ones. I fail with liquid liners, and I find this considerably easier to put on neatly, although I still need practise lol.

I’m now eager to try out more colour combinations. What colour’s do you think would go nice together? My mom commented that these colours went well with the colour of my eyes.