Simple Dotticure Tip Nails

This is a simple design that places a line of small dots along the tips of each nail.

I started by painting the thumb and ring fingers in 2 coats of a gold polish.

I then painted the remaining nails in 2 coats of a dark blue polish.

On the blue nails I took a small dotting tool and the gold polish. I used this to place a line of gold dots along the tip of each mail.

I then completed the design by doing the same on the gold nails, but with the blue polish used to place the dots.

Floral Splodge Stamped Nails

For this design I randomly and roughly placed areas of splodges in different colours of nail polish to make a background pattern, which I then stamped over.

I started by painting the thumb, ring and middle fingers with 2 coats of a lilac polish.

On the index finger I used 2 coats of a light blue and on the little fingers 2 coats of an orange polish.

I then used the orange and blue polish in turn to place random swipes of polish on top of the lilac nails. I made sure all 3 colours could be seen.

On the same lilac based nails I then used a black polish and a floral stamping plate to place a flower design over the top of the ‘splodged’ nails.

Glitter Behind Bars Nails

For this design I layered up a glitter polish and then painted some lines over the top of everything to make it unique.

I started by painting all nails in 1 coat of a dark red shade to use as a base colour.

I then used a multi-glitter topper polish over the top of each nail. This had a mixture of hexagonal glitter sizes and colours.

I built this up over around 4 coats to get the coverage of glitter that I was happy with.

I then completed the design by using a thin brush and a white polish to paint lines down the length of each nail. The lines were made curved and sometimes overlapping other lines.

Gold Shell Floral Stamped Nails

I really love how this design turned out I think the gold shimmer looks so pretty under the stamping.

I started by painting all nails in 2 coats off a cream nude shade as I wanted the base colour to be opaque.

On top of this I painted just 1 coat of a polish with gold shimmer in it from Born Pretty from their ‘Transparent Shell Glimmer Nail Polish’ range. It looked really pretty at this stage but I wanted to stamp over the top of it.

I then took a floral pattern from Born Pretty plate BP-28. I used a white stamping polish to stamp this design over the whole of each nail.

I then cleaned up around each nail and finished it off with a top coat.

Blue Iridescent Nails

This week’s design is a pretty blue design, using a blue nail powder and some iridescent striping tape and rhinestones. As always the effect ended up looking a lot better in reality than in the photos.

I started with a gel base coat and then 2 coats of a blue gel polish. However on the middle and ring fingers, I only painted about the bottom 2/3 of the nail in the blue and left the base section bare.

Onto these nails, I used a light blue iridescent striping tape, which was so hard to get it to stick down at the sides for some reason, across the line where the blue polish ended.

In the middle of this I used a single iridescent pointed oval shape rhinestone, that was sort of a translucent white colour.

I then finished off the design by rubbing on a light blue metallic nail pigment over the thumb and little finger nails before top coating everything.

Holo Gradient Nails

For this design I was trying out a bronze coloured holo nail pigment over the top of a gradient design to see how it turned out.

I didn’t want the holo powder to go on too thick so that you can still see the gradient underneath, but I am not really sure if I like how it turned out in the end.

I started by painting all nails in a purple gel polish which I cured. I then used a sponge and an orange shade to add a gradient effect to the tips of each nail. I built this up in a couple of layers, curing it in between.

I then added a no wipe top coat, cured it, and then rubbed on my holo ppigment. As the powder is a bronze colour, I found it worked a little bit like a duochrome effect in the light, as sometimes depending on the angle of the light, the purple colour is hidden by the holo powder.

I finished off the design with a single pointed oval shape rhinestone on each of the ring finger nails.

Curved Dotticure Nails

This is a simple design using metallic polished and a dotting tool to place a series of curved dotted lines.

I started by painting all nails in 2 coats of a dark red shade for the base colour.

I then took a small dotting tool and a silver metallic polish and placed a random curved line on 3 different nails on each hand.

I then repeated the same with a metallic gold and blue polish. At this point I made it so that each nail except for one on each hand had 2 different colours of dotted curves on it.

I then used a metallic pink polish to place a second curved line of dots on the nail on each hand that only had one so far. I then placed another curved line of dots on 3 more nails on each hand so that some nails had more colours than others on it.

Orange Segment Nails

For this design I attempted to freehand some orange segments onto some of the nails.

I started by painting the thumb and ring fingers in 2 coats of a white polish and the middle finger in 1. On the middle finger I then used 2 coats of a peachy coloured polish with a fine but dense gold shimmer.

On the remaining nails, I used 2 coats of a coral shade as this was the closest I had to orange. On the index finger I put a layer of a multi glitter topper polish. On the little fingers I placed 1 single orange fimo clay piece on each.

To complete the design, I painted half of an orange slice onto the tip of the thumb and ring fingers. I did this by first painting a half circle line in the coral shade with a thin brush.

To make the sections in the segments, I used a large dotting tool and placed dots near to and following the line I had painted. I then used the thin brush again to paint a sort of triangle shape underneath each dot and going towards the tip of the nail.

Sage Holo Nails

This one is a simple accent nail design using a green holo polish.

I started by painting each ring finger in 2 coats of a dark green shade.

Across each ring finger I then placed one stripe of a gold patterned nail sticker, placing it closer to the tip of the nail rather than across the middle.

I then painted the rest of the nails in one coat of a white polish as a base for the holo polish to go over.

I then completed the design by painting 2 coats of the green holo polish over each of the white nails. As usual I didn’t do a great job at photographing the real effect of the polish.

Textured Tomato Nails

Originally this design was going to use orange fimo clay pieces, but the textured polish was a lot more of a red orange than I first realised. Therefore I switched to using tomato fimo clay pieces instead so that the colours matched up better.

I started by painting the ring fingers in 3 coats of a white polish with subtle gold shimmer in it.

Onto these nails I placed 3 tomato designed fimo clay pieces.

Onto the remaining nails, I used a textured nail polish by Barry M. It is from their Crystal Rock Textured Nail Paint collection and is called ‘Coral Sunstone’.

With polishes like this that have an extra effect to them, I tend to do 1 coat, then my topcoat and then a second coat of the polish. This is so that you get the durability from the top coat, but the effect from the polish at the same time.