Raspberry Truffle

I did these nails last year sometime, but I wasn’t really happy with how my pictures came out, which put me off from posting them. However here they are:

_IMG_5476 copy

I firstly painted all my nails in 2 coats of a shimmery light brown shade. This is actually Barry M’s ‘Truffle’ Silk nail paint.

_IMG_5477 copy

Diagonally across the bottom half of each nail I painted them in a pinkish dark red shade.

_IMG_5480 copy

Over the red area I used a fine multicoloured top coat to add some extra sparkle.

_IMG_5483 copy

Then where the line where the 2 colours met, I used a medium sized dotting tool and placed some dots in silver to cover the join. On the ring fingers I used rhinestones to do this instead.

Rose Nails

I’ve been wanted to try a rose design for a long time, but it has always looked like it can be too easy to mess the whole thing up lol.

_IMG_6439 copy

First I added by background to each nail. I put one coat of a dark blue and then went over this with a multi coloured glittery nail polish.

_IMG_6441 copy

Next, I put a light pink circle on each nail where I wanted the rose to be. Next to this I added 2 light green triangular shapes in order to make leaves.

_IMG_6445 copy

On the leaves, I put a thin dark green line down the middle. Then on the roses, I took a dark pink and a thin brush to start adding in the detail for the petals. To do this I did a small ‘c’ shape in the middle and a slightly larger one opposite, but facing it. I then added 3 more curves roughly around the outside of the flower.

_IMG_6446 copy

To finish the design off I added in some highlights in a similar way. I used a shimmery white shade and added little curves near the darker curves that I had already placed. Overall I’m happy with how it turned out, and it wasn’t as hard as I expected.

Flicks and Glitz

I’ve tried doing designs in the past using little flicks and such, as pictures I see online always look really nice. However I always feel mine do not come out as good as I wanted them to. I think I make the lines too thick at the ends or something. This week’s design is another attempt at this style, but I still need a lot more practice lol.

_IMG_6373 copy

First I painted all nails in 2 coats of my base coat. I went for a purple shade as it’s my favorite colour.

_IMG_6377 copy

Next I took a silver glitter nail paint and a thin nail art brush. Onto each nail I painted one flick going down the nail and one going across from the one side.

_IMG_6382 copy

Then I took a gold nail paint. Using the same brush I painted 2 flicks going down the length of the nail, starting from the base of the nail. I placed them so that one was on either side of where I had placed the glitter line going down the nail.

_IMG_6386 copy

Lastly, I took a silver nail paint and placed one flick going across the nail, just above the line of glitter that I added going across.

Jewellery Making Pearl Effect Charm Bracelets – Flutterflies

Here are a few pearl effect elasticated charm bracelets that I have made in the past. The charm theme for these bracelets are butterflies and dragonflies.






Mini Egg Easter Nails

These were the nails I did for this year’s Easter nails. They might look simple but I found them a bit more difficult to achieve than I had expected. Firstly, I painted all of my nails in 2 coats of their base colours. I went for 5 different pastel shades so that there was a different colour for each nail. The colours I used also had a shimmer effect to them which made the end result look even prettier.

_IMG_6427 copy

For the speckled effect I used the closest colour I had to a dark brown. I painted the end of a small straw with the colour so that it made a film over the hole at the end of the straw. I then positioned it over the nail and blew air quickly down the straw to splatter it across the nail. However this is much easier said than done.

_IMG_6425 copy

I looked online for how to make splatter effects on nails. What I had read said to simply dip the end of the straw in a blob of nail varnish that you had put on a piece of paper. But I found that nothing happened when I blew down the straw by following this method.

_IMG_6430 copy

I also found that sometimes you get a nice spray of speckles and other times you get big blobs land instead which was not really what I wanted. Positioning your straw and the amount of air and speed of air down the straw also takes practise, as sometimes it ends up going everywhere except on the nail lol.

_IMG_6435 copy

This can be messy so make sure you put an old towel or something where you are working. Afterwards clean up the areas around your nail from splatter. I then added my normal top coat for durability before using a matte top coat over the top to finish off the effect.

Shrinking Dots

I was a bit busy this weekend so went for a nice and easy dotty design.

_IMG_6338 copy

First, I painted all nails in 2 coats of my base colour. I went for a nude kind of shade.

_IMG_6342 copy

Then I started adding dots to each nail in a multi coloured glittery polish with a black base. I first used a large dotting tool and placed a curved line of dots near the base of the nail.

_IMG_6346 copy

I then added a row of medium dots next to this in the same way. Lastly I used a small dotting tool to repeat the process with a line of small dots.

_IMG_6349 copy

Cute Purple Flowers

I’ve been feeling in the mood for flowery designs lately because of the change in seasons.

_IMG_6319 copy

For this design I firstly painted all my nails in a dark purple colour.

_IMG_6321 copy

Then using a large dotting tool I placed a white dot on the nail and dragged it down slightly. I then repeated this with 4 more dots going around in a circle. I did this to all nails, placing the flowers in a slightly different place on each nail.

_IMG_6322 copy

Once this was dry I used a smaller sized dotting tool and repeated the same thing over the middle of the white dots in a dark purple colour. This is to make a flower with white and purple flowers.

_IMG_6325 copy

I then added a white dot in the centre of each nail and went over the top of this with a pink colour containing glitter. The white helped it to stand out better.