Sun Rays

The colours and stripes in this design reminded me a little bit of the suns rays.

_IMG_6523 copy

First I painted all nails in 2 coats of my base colour. I went with a white. I gave this plenty of time to dry.

_IMG_6527 copy

Then I used striping tape and placed 3 pieces of tape on each nail. Each strip started in the centre of the base of the nail. The middle one going straight along the middle of the nail to the tip, and the others going out diagonally on either side.

_IMG_6529 copy

On top of this I painted the base half of each nail in a yellow shade and the tip half in a dark orange shade. Whilst this was still wet, I put a small line of each colour next to each other on a make up brush and dabbed this on the nail where the 2 colours met in order to blend them into a gradient.

_IMG_6534 copy

I worked on one nail at a time as you need to carefully remove the striping tape before everything has chance to dry fully. Afterwards I applied my top coat.

Diagonal Colour Block

I got the inspiration for this design from this picture I seen on Pinterest recently of a set of drawers. I really liked the colours and how simple, yet pretty it looked.

_IMG_6505 copy

I modified my colours slightly. The colours I used were Cappuccino, and silk effects in Meadow and Blossom by Barry M.

_IMG_6512 copy

Firstly I painted all nails in 2 coats of my base colour. I decided to alternate between the pink and the green. I left this to dry fully.

_IMG_6513 copy

Next, using striping tape, I taped off random diagonal sections across the bottom of each nail, making sure that I focused on one side of the nail at the same time. I then painted these sections in my second colour. This was the opposite pastel shade to the base colour of the nail.

_IMG_6516 copy

I carefully removed the striping tape before it had chance to dry. I again let this dry fully. I then taped diagonally across each nail again. This time I taped in the opposite direction and focused more on the opposite side of the nail to the previous time.

_IMG_6519 copy

I then painted each section in my darkest colour. I removed the tape before anything dried. After a few minuted I added my topcoat.

Dried Petals

I was given a nail art gift a while back that came with a few polishes and some little pots of dried flowers. I thought that as spring is here, it would be the perfect time to try it out.

_IMG_6491 copy

Firstly, I painted my nails in 2 coats of my base colours. For the thumb and ring finger I went with a light pink. For the rest of the nails I went with a light purple.

_IMG_6494 copy

Next I decided how I would place the dried flowers and laid them out. I painted my nail with clear polish and then using tweezers I placed the flower on the nail. Anything that was sticking over the nail I trimmed down with nail scissors. I then covered this with my top coat to seal it in.

_IMG_6498 copy

It was at this point that I realised that the more 3D the flower was, the harder it was to get it to stick down. I wanted to be able to cover the flower fully with my top coat and have it flat against the nail to increase its durability. When trying to do this the more intricate flowers became a bit messy, because it was so hard to get them to stick down flat.


Due to this, I changed my plans a bit. Originally I was going to place 2 different flowers on each nail and have them overlap. But I changed this to just one in order to prevent everything becoming too much of a mess. The small pink flowers that I used were the easiest to stick down as they were made up of just one layer of petals.

Jam Jar Tea Light Holder

I got the ideas for this craft by combining parts from the following 2 tutorials I found on Pinterest:
1) Easy Mason Jar Luminaries
2) DIY: Grouted Iridescent Glass Marble Vase


You basically get a jar or glass container such as an old jam jar. Then using a hot glue gun, stick those little glass pebbles you can get in the home d├ęcor section of the supermarket in rows around the sides of the jar. I used some light pink ones to match my living room. Afterwards take some tile grout and grout in between the pebbles and over the entire sides of the jar. Leave it to dry, and then using a cloth and a little water, clean off any grout from the tops of the pebbles.


I’m really pleased with how it came out. I love making things. I was really surprised how one little tea light lights up so bright inside it. The way the light shines out through the glass pebbles reminds me of a beehive, and it puts the light out on the nearby walls and table top in a pretty pattern. This would be the perfect craft for a candle addict.

Raspberry Truffle

I did these nails last year sometime, but I wasn’t really happy with how my pictures came out, which put me off from posting them. However here they are:

_IMG_5476 copy

I firstly painted all my nails in 2 coats of a shimmery light brown shade. This is actually Barry M’s ‘Truffle’ Silk nail paint.

_IMG_5477 copy

Diagonally across the bottom half of each nail I painted them in a pinkish dark red shade.

_IMG_5480 copy

Over the red area I used a fine multicoloured top coat to add some extra sparkle.

_IMG_5483 copy

Then where the line where the 2 colours met, I used a medium sized dotting tool and placed some dots in silver to cover the join. On the ring fingers I used rhinestones to do this instead.

Rose Nails

I’ve been wanted to try a rose design for a long time, but it has always looked like it can be too easy to mess the whole thing up lol.

_IMG_6439 copy

First I added by background to each nail. I put one coat of a dark blue and then went over this with a multi coloured glittery nail polish.

_IMG_6441 copy

Next, I put a light pink circle on each nail where I wanted the rose to be. Next to this I added 2 light green triangular shapes in order to make leaves.

_IMG_6445 copy

On the leaves, I put a thin dark green line down the middle. Then on the roses, I took a dark pink and a thin brush to start adding in the detail for the petals. To do this I did a small ‘c’ shape in the middle and a slightly larger one opposite, but facing it. I then added 3 more curves roughly around the outside of the flower.

_IMG_6446 copy

To finish the design off I added in some highlights in a similar way. I used a shimmery white shade and added little curves near the darker curves that I had already placed. Overall I’m happy with how it turned out, and it wasn’t as hard as I expected.

Flicks and Glitz

I’ve tried doing designs in the past using little flicks and such, as pictures I see online always look really nice. However I always feel mine do not come out as good as I wanted them to. I think I make the lines too thick at the ends or something. This week’s design is another attempt at this style, but I still need a lot more practice lol.

_IMG_6373 copy

First I painted all nails in 2 coats of my base coat. I went for a purple shade as it’s my favorite colour.

_IMG_6377 copy

Next I took a silver glitter nail paint and a thin nail art brush. Onto each nail I painted one flick going down the nail and one going across from the one side.

_IMG_6382 copy

Then I took a gold nail paint. Using the same brush I painted 2 flicks going down the length of the nail, starting from the base of the nail. I placed them so that one was on either side of where I had placed the glitter line going down the nail.

_IMG_6386 copy

Lastly, I took a silver nail paint and placed one flick going across the nail, just above the line of glitter that I added going across.

Jewellery Making Pearl Effect Charm Bracelets – Flutterflies

Here are a few pearl effect elasticated charm bracelets that I have made in the past. The charm theme for these bracelets are butterflies and dragonflies.






Mini Egg Easter Nails

These were the nails I did for this year’s Easter nails. They might look simple but I found them a bit more difficult to achieve than I had expected. Firstly, I painted all of my nails in 2 coats of their base colours. I went for 5 different pastel shades so that there was a different colour for each nail. The colours I used also had a shimmer effect to them which made the end result look even prettier.

_IMG_6427 copy

For the speckled effect I used the closest colour I had to a dark brown. I painted the end of a small straw with the colour so that it made a film over the hole at the end of the straw. I then positioned it over the nail and blew air quickly down the straw to splatter it across the nail. However this is much easier said than done.

_IMG_6425 copy

I looked online for how to make splatter effects on nails. What I had read said to simply dip the end of the straw in a blob of nail varnish that you had put on a piece of paper. But I found that nothing happened when I blew down the straw by following this method.

_IMG_6430 copy

I also found that sometimes you get a nice spray of speckles and other times you get big blobs land instead which was not really what I wanted. Positioning your straw and the amount of air and speed of air down the straw also takes practise, as sometimes it ends up going everywhere except on the nail lol.

_IMG_6435 copy

This can be messy so make sure you put an old towel or something where you are working. Afterwards clean up the areas around your nail from splatter. I then added my normal top coat for durability before using a matte top coat over the top to finish off the effect.