Barry M Neptune Sea Nails

So as promised here is my first in depth look of the latest Barry M magnetic nail paints. From my initial play with them, the blue one stood out the most to me and so I just had to make it the first one I tried out. This one is called Neptune Sea.

As mentioned in my last blog on these, the consistency seems thinner and more sheer. However I think this may be an improvement. Despite this 2 coats was still all I needed.

In the old magnetic paints I found that I sometimes struggled to get the effect to work well, and so would have to make another attempt on a few of the nails. Sometimes one half of the nail would have become tacky instead of wet by the time I placed the magnet over it. This meant that the effect only worked on half the nail. However I did not have this happen once to me.

Also the magnet seemed to be able to pull the effect out with a lot more ease. With the old magnetic paints, mainly the dark silver one, I sometimes struggled to get the effect to stand out well. I feel this is due to the difference in consistency. Whether Barry M have done this on purpose as a way of improving the formula I am not sure of.

I know that the fact that I have found them easier to work as I expect them to this time around, could be due to having more practice with them. However I feel I did the exact same as I did with the original colours. Also the fact that I found the consistency different between the old and new colours could just be due to the batches I got, and so this might not appear to be the same for everyone.

Also the main difference with these magnetics is that they are glittery. The old magnetics gave a metallic finish. This one however is more of a metallic grey/silver colour with blue glitter in. If you look closely you can see that the magnetic pulls the darker grey colour and the blue glitter into one area of the pattern, and the rest is just a metallic silver colour with no glitter.

The coverage of the magnet is also very good. It was able to make the effect reach across my entire nail area on both my fingers and toes. I think this particular magnet pattern looks very good on the big toe nail. One thing I found with the old magnetics was that because my fingernails have quite a lot of curve to them, the pattern didn’t seem to reach around to the sides well. My mom’s nails are much flatter than mine and she did not have this problem with the old magnetic paints. However this could also be related to the differences I noticed in the consistency this time around.

The main negative I had with the old magnetic colours was that even after waiting around 30 minutes for my nails to dry, when I applied my topcoat it ended up ‘dragging/smudging’ the effect underneath to an extent. This time around I did not want this to happen because they came out so well lol. In these pictures, I took them about 24 hours after applying them. It was not until after these pictures were taken that I applied my topcoat. It did not drag the effect this time, but obviously that was because they were let to harden for so long. Next time I will apply my topcoat after a more sensible amount of time to see what happens.

Overall I think these magnetics are better than their first lot. The magnets seem to have a better chance of working perfectly and the effect stands out very noticeably. I also love the colour and the way that the colour comes from the addition of glitter particles.


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